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    The good morning thread

    Beautiful bluebells on the Malvern hills this morning, worth the detour... ,
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    SW and Wales spring drive out April 7th 2019

    The sun was out and the roof down... ...what a great bunch of people, a real credit to this forum. Thank you Annie (et al) for organizing. Hope you enjoy your lunch, sorry I couldn't stay, the short drive I undertook was stunning and full of the sound of Italy's finest..... A couple of...
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    Hi all, old bloke looking for a toy

    Yes a non issue, well I'm nearly 3 years in and still excited, probably helped with the self imposed winter SORN, which will finish just in time for the April sun! :)
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    Stolen GranCabrio from Corby

    The GC-MC image in the report doesn't match exactly the one for sale, wing mirrors and wheels different, but there can't be many Blue GC-MC's out there...! The only fact would be they wouldn't get away quietly! Hope the owners tracker is active..
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    Hi all, old bloke looking for a toy

    Trust me its liveable, that's 95% in sport, unless your local roads are awful. Agree with Sionie it is no worse than the Audi's I've owned. If familiar, it's no Saab 9-3!
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    Hi all, old bloke looking for a toy

    My understanding is that MY12 GranCabrio Sport was made available from Sept 2011, aligned to the UK Maserati press release, the base model was classified auto. I'm not intimately familiar with the Imperials GC, it looks like a sport with the optional MC sport line kit, see below the Sport Line...
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    Say you had £10-£20k to invest?

    UK equities accounts are easy to set up, but buying advice is more difficult, especially if not overly familiar, if the OP wants a lower risk of capital erosion, consider splitting between (five) stocks in the FTSE100, check dividend yield, plenty of websites will provide detailed ex-divi, yield...
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    SportsMaserati MOB 2018 (Monaco And Busted)

    It's a smaller world than you think, minding my own business at work today and these pop in! From an intelligent Italian friend who appreciates life. Ciao :cool:
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    Your most complimented car?

    Very nice, have you ever turned up and one of these were next pump... Not mine, and not a O37 :cool:
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    What ya listening to now ???

    Golden brown - or always the sun - great driving tracks in this weather ...
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    4.7 GTS front brake discs

    Just to wrap this thread up, cancelled the one-piece Tarox discs and went OEM, dealer confirmed the correct sport part (note there is a part number variation here). Purchased from Eurospares at a similar cost to the Tarox. Sport front disc actually MY2011 onwards, part #257141, drilled &...
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    Rolling a GranCabrio

    Wouldn't have happened in the sport, sticks to the road like glue, as shown :p It must have happened last year, the roof should have been down since may! What a year...
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    Gran Cabrio music system not working

    Reported elsewhere occasionally, see thread: had one instance when using the AUX port, but have now loaded the Jukebox. Rectification was switch off and wait a few minutes, fully recovered!
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    Maserati first quarter performance from FIAT (TICKER: FCA)

    Interesting reading, maybe down to the uncertainty in the diesel market NYSE: FCA: in 1* trim for Maserati drop deliveries, but grow GranTurismo and GranCabrio From agency - April...
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    All white

    A fine weekend after plenty of false dawns, so took the opportunity to pop by to see my mates new purchase. A fantastic Alfa 4c with pearlescent paint. Took it for a spin, totally different cars, but each are great fun. No power steering in the Alfa, which I didn't notice and instant power...
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    Looking for a GranCabrio

    Don't believe I've seen a facelift that isn't a sport variant. To avoid confusion I'd add that the non-facelift is a true sport variant, actually from a 61plate (Sept 2011), it provides the same mechanicals to the end of range model, such as larger front discs 360mm drilled and slotted with...
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    Pastel blue Spyder back up for sale

    Can't see the original ad but taken aback by the unique colour, remember seeing a 156 in Tuscany (in this colour) when they first came out, under the sun it looked amazing. Now £26K
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    Spotted Lancia Montecarlo

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    Spotted Lancia Montecarlo

    Classic and sports car were conducting a photo shoot nearby in the Malvern Hills, I spoke to the friendly owner of this fantastic example. :luvit: Having owned many at once it brought back many memories and the tingling of a potential future purchase. What struck me was how low they were...
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    Looking for a GranCabrio

    Just to highlight the SPORT variant only became available from MY 2012, which should command a premium due to significant improvements regards handling / braking / bracing, engine output raised to 450hp - these carried over into the facelift models (with new front LED lights, seats /steering...