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  1. MarkMas


    Is anyone on here going to this event over the weekend of 26-28 April?
  2. MarkMas

    Number Plate Light Bulbs

    Has anyone tried replacing the number plate light bulbs on a QPV? Appears to be a major project......
  3. MarkMas

    Different tyres on front on back?

    I know you are not supposed to mix tyres, but does anybody know specifically how it would do to put a pair of Goodyear Asymmetric 2 on the rear and a pair of Asymmetric 3 on the front of my QPV? I don't seem to be able to find 4 GYAs the same anywhere. Nor can I find (or afford) any suitable...
  4. MarkMas

    Window sometimes won't close, or closes in jerky 1-inch increments

    Similar to a couple of other threads, but they don't seem to have the answer: If I press the button to open my driver's...
  5. MarkMas

    West of England and South Wales Events - General Information for Events in the Area

    I'm going to propose this as a standing thread for initial information about any events happening in the West of England or South Wales. People who are interested in that sort of thing can 'watch' this thread and see new announcements about things that are happening. Someone can then start a...
  6. MarkMas

    QPV Door Hinges - Copper Lubricant?

    My QPV rear passenger door hinges have always been a bit creaky, and have a residue that might be copper lubricant, or might be rust. But the rear door on the driver's side is getting really noisy now, and today there appears to be actual water just resting on the hinge (both sides), which is a...
  7. MarkMas

    Nice-looking 1997 Ghibli for sale
  8. MarkMas

    Repairing a dent in an aluminium door panel - advice please

    Someone put a 400mm crease and a small dent into my door panel which needs fixing. I have had a quote from a (recommended) guy who gets in behind and massages out the dent for about £500 - he says it won't be perfect but will be 'very good'. And I've had a quote from my local (recommended)...
  9. MarkMas

    Goodwood Revival

    Is anyone going to the Goodwood Revival this weekend?
  10. MarkMas

    RAC Renewal - Crazy quote followed by less than half price offer

    In brief - ALWAYS dispute all renewal quotes for EVERYTHING I just received my RAC renewal quote: £293 PLUS an 'arrangement and administration fee' of £73 - total £366. An increase of £40 on last year. I phoned to give them ****, and they re-quoted £146 - less than half price. They claimed...
  11. MarkMas


    Instead of going all the way to Kent for Festival Italia at Brands Hatch on Sunday, I popped in to the Tetbury Classic Car Show, which is held on a school playing field near me in Gloucestershire. It was surprisingly big for a little show (if you see what I mean) with about 300 cars on display...
  12. MarkMas

    Sports Car Rental in the UK - Recommendations?

    Now it is really rainy, MrsMarkMas has decided she wants to rent a convertible for a week, so she can see if she wants to buy one. She is probably thinking MX5, rather than Aston, but we are flexible. Any suggestions for hire firms, ideally in the Bristol / Birmingham area?
  13. MarkMas

    Aubergine W12

    Very tempting. I really need another huge money pit....
  14. MarkMas

    Rolling a GranCabrio

    Apparently, if you roll a GC, two big rams shoot up out of the rear headrests, presumably to protect the occupants. Good to know, although both sad and a little alarming to see.
  15. MarkMas

    Well, that's a shock!

    I have a leaking shock absorber on my QP. Which is not ideal - and an MOT fail. Turns out the replacement parts (non-Skyhook) only come in pairs, at £1,042 for shocks & bushes. Aieeee! Shipped from Italy - takes a week or two. Also need one for my Fiat Punto. £23.
  16. MarkMas

    Does anyone have a spare QPV LH FR Window Lift ?

    I need to replace the left-hand front window lift in my 2009 QPV. Part number 84934200 Does anyone just happen to have a spare one lying around? New or good used condition. None of the usual sources seem to have one in stock.
  17. MarkMas

    Big Maintenance Bills Coming Up - Any suggestions?

    I have had the QP looked over carefully at its service and there are quite a few things that need to be sorted (it is nearly 10 years old), including replacing drop links, a rear shock absorber (so both, I suppose) and a wheel bearing. If I were mechanically-minded, I suppose I could buy used...
  18. MarkMas

    Tinted windows - removing?

    My QP has rear tinted windows and I wish they were clear. I thought I would have to replace the glass (one day when I find a money tree), but somone said that they were almost certainly films and could be removed. Does anyone know if this is right / possible?
  19. MarkMas

    Bargain (so far) ZF QP - 100,000 miles - on ebay Bidding currently at £3,100 (says it is 'facelift' but they mean ZF, not Duo)