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  1. Ewan

    Gran Turismo 2008 - New (but old) owner

    If it’s metallic black, it’s probably “Nero carbonio”. But if you give the chassis number to a Maserati main dealer, they should be able to tell you the original full order spec of the car (assuming it is a UK car).
  2. Ewan

    Running granturismo

    Depends on mileage, as the more you do, the sooner you’ll need new tyres, brakes, etc. But as a rough guide, over a few years, with a typical Maserati mileage, let’s say an average of about £1500 a year. This is based on a service of £1500 every other year, and further repairs/renewals of £1500...
  3. Ewan

    New GT Sport owner

    Lovely. As for the leather, just pretend to be a polo player and always wear white jeans. Problem solved.
  4. Ewan

    Levante V8 UK prices announced

    "The engine boasts the highest output per litre (156 hp/litre) of any Maserati powerplant ever produced" No it doesn't. The Ghibli Cup has 330bhp from 2 litres, which is 165 bhp per litre.
  5. Ewan

    Finding the right one

    The seller made it clear from the start that it needed 2 new tyres. And all cars need servicing at some point - occasionally close to the time you want to sell, and sometimes not. There’s nothing suspicious here. It is the right spec for you, go and see it, have it inspected, and negotiate an...
  6. Ewan


    I'm recently returned from a weeks rugby tour to Buenos Aires, and as with any such trip, it's not possible to go dry. And as there's no driving, there are no natural limits to getting messy. So we visited a bar regularly listed in the Worlds top 20. If the judges had visited the night we did...
  7. Ewan


    Yes. For you, the Pirelli would be the one. Here in the UK some people find them tricky on a cold wet winters day, but in Cyprus, in the summer sunshine, they’ll be perfect.
  8. Ewan


    Is there an echo on this forum?
  9. Ewan

    Pic of the day

    It was Sir Drummonds. But then it was bought by Andy at McGraths. Not sure whether he still owns it or not.
  10. Ewan

    Black 4200 Manual on Pistonheads

    No, 69k miles, not km. (The kmh is the speed indicator on the inner ring, with mph being the speed indicator on the outer ring).
  11. Ewan

    Considering a Ghibli II.

    Several body parts are no longer available (such as the bonnet and rear bumper) so to convert a modified car back to standard you would need to find second hand ones. The left hand headlight (the one that cracks regularly!) is also no longer available. The labour is a big part of the bill. Oh...
  12. Ewan

    Strad seems a little expensive to me.

    I think so, yes. In fact I didn’t even consider the 4 seater, as I don’t need 4 seats in my road-racer, and I wanted the full stripped-out feeling. The bucket seats certainly add to the drama.
  13. Ewan

    Strad seems a little expensive to me.

    Though for the time being I’ve given the Cab to Dicky to sell. So if you fancy a summer toy, in your preferred black on black colour combination, head to Chester.
  14. Ewan

    Strad seems a little expensive to me.

    Keep up at the back Iain! I already have an MC-Strad - a 2 seat version in black. To match my black GranCabrio-MC. Here they are together:
  15. Ewan

    Strad seems a little expensive to me.

    Yep. It’s a bargain. They simply want rid and to turn the money into fresh stock. They’ve had it about two months, so time to move it on quickly - to the great benefit on one lucky customer. (Subject to it passing the usual checks).
  16. Ewan

    Considering a Ghibli II.

    If you find a good example, most jobs can be completed by a skilled mechanic. However, they are not the most robustly built car ever (!), so do expect things to break and go wrong. Some parts are no longer available and many are expensive. Removing the engine to change the chains at the back is...
  17. Ewan

    Strad seems a little expensive to me.

    Indeed. That part of my post was somewhat tongue in cheek. The registration date doesn’t really mean anything, as my understanding is that all the 2 seat Strads were made together, over a period of just a year. Same as with their other low volume specials such as MC-Victory cars, the Ghibli...
  18. Ewan

    Strad seems a little expensive to me.

    Cage and harnesses are £5k. Lower miles is £5k. And black has to be worth at least £10k more than Essex white. :) As examples of the best road car Maerati ever built, both are cheap! Tuck in, before they are squirrelled away and no longer available. After all, there are only about 35 of these...
  19. Ewan

    Too good to be true?

    Well done. Enjoy!
  20. Ewan

    Got her!

    Thought you’d like it. Well done.