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  1. safrane

    Running granturismo

    Well some agreement on the forum... who would have thought it!
  2. safrane

    Running granturismo

    Depends on miles and who looks after it and if it has had the variators done. Budget 2/3k pa for services and repairs.
  3. safrane

    Le Mans Classic 2020

    Well it sounds like a few would like to make a weekend of it. I will start some planning with Phil. Would be good to get an idea of preferences; Gite Hotel B&B Thanks all
  4. safrane

    Maserati Zagato Monster

    Has this been posted before? Like some aspects of it... but others, well not so keen on
  5. safrane

    Electrolytic corrosion

    What does this look like?
  6. safrane

    Got her!

    Good work...shame on those who serviced the car and neglected the air filter... happens far to often.
  7. safrane

    Le Mans Classic 2020

    Ok I will ask some old time forum members if they want to do it again (Enzo, Paul and Marcos) and see what interest I can drum up.
  8. safrane

    Anyone know this car? Newbie looking for a GTS

    I personally think the 2 years is the reason why there are so many poor GTs out there... it encourages people to buy them cheap and then try to flog them on two years later requiring a £5k service and repair bill
  9. safrane

    Diesel chiptuning

    As is my latest drab work car...I think it may survive three years but by then it will have doubled the miles to 150k
  10. safrane

    Le Mans Classic 2020

    I'm thinking the same C...must be my age.
  11. safrane

    Le Mans Classic 2020

    Aware many love the modern 24, but would there be any members interested in next years Classic? Please don't bother with replies saying its not your cup of tea and you prefer the modern version. .. it helps no one.
  12. safrane

    Where to holiday in France

    Given the family will be driving from Wales I can understand the 3 hour limit esp with kids.
  13. safrane

    Anyone know this car? Newbie looking for a GTS

    Is a full service history on a GT every two years or 12k miles? 2 years is a LONG time to not have your car checked over IMO. So should have had 4 services as a minimum and next service in 4k (at 36k) or in 2010 which ever is sooner
  14. safrane

    Passenger airbag deactivation

    Its been so long since I drove the car I cant recall if this is normal; When waiting for the warning light to extinguish before starting the GS does the yellow deactivation light flash rapidly for a few seconds before going out. Its the one that displays a rear facing child seat and airbag. It...
  15. safrane

    Anyone know this car? Newbie looking for a GTS

    Any forum chaps up there???
  16. safrane

    Sky Q ultra HD idiots guide

    4k TVs are not worth the upgrade unless you sit within 1m if the screen where you can actually pick up the detail. Yes they look great in the shop because you are stood inches from the screen, but once home and sat at the other side of the room you will see little difference from an older HD...
  17. safrane


    If you are considering taking it to Manchester then don't waste time with any other garage... take it to Marious at Auto Shield.
  18. safrane

    Upgraded radio

    Salesman's. .. all full of shite just to get a little more commission.
  19. safrane

    The good morning thread

    Sick to death of this rain... been needing to cut the lawn for two weeks now but the grass is soaking. Home alone this weekend whilst she is doing fathers day stuff... me, well I guess LM24 again then.