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  1. Mattp

    Maseratis - Spotted

    Black Ghibli in Colchester at Tesco... Hello!
  2. Mattp

    McLaren GT

    I totally agree. Even though I like the look of them, they lack the special of a Ferrari, Lambo, etc... I even quite like the look of this new one too, but the front just looks so generic! You could slap a Honda badge on its nose and from the front i don't think anyone would query it.
  3. Mattp

    2007 Alfa GT Q2 JTD Spare/Repairs

    To make way for my new car I have to sell my little Alfa, Its seen me through since 2010 and been really good fun, but its now broken! Its a Q2 model, so sits above the BlackLine in the model hierarchy, bested only by the Q2 Cloverleaf Id like to think that I could claw back £800 for it...
  4. Mattp

    BMW Supra

    I didnt realise the new supra was out, or that it was based on a Z4 - havent been keeping up with the news! It looks Toyotery from the front and back, but the flanks look like a Z4 with a nasty bodykit!! not that the Z4 is a bad car - my brother managed kudos from a caterham chap as he out...
  5. Mattp

    Facelift 4.7 QP

    Im not sure which rims the birdcage ones are, but I dont think you can go too far wrong going grey... worst case scenario, just have them refurbed again!
  6. Mattp

    How bad are Diesel Massers?

    Their availability at this price point is really hit and miss, the other month, when I wasn't even contemplating one there was a glut! But I'm in no hurry to part with the QPV quite yet... The main dealer offer was such a shock, and if she can pull it off (not in that way!) Quite a compelling...
  7. Mattp

    How bad are Diesel Massers?

    That is nice! You think £3k wiggle room is relatively realistic on a £25k car? The pretty lady at Lancasters reckoned the service cost for a diesel QP/Ghibli was only £500 So it is bang in line with anything German... She also emailed last night saying that they may have a Ghibli for around £22k
  8. Mattp

    The good morning thread

    Great to finally meet you too, at some point need to have proper look at that car of yours! Today looks a good day, being shmoozed by a supplier at the waterfront for brunch then I think it's mowing the lawn followed by a bbq lunch and an evening at the sailing club to round off the day!
  9. Mattp

    How bad are Diesel Massers?

    I popped into both Audi and maserati today and was rather surprised! Audi were thin on the ground with A6's for about 22k, one I looked at, over budget, well it required me to pull levers and shove the seat about?! Over the road at maserati, I was told that they could supply a Ghibli for my...
  10. Mattp

    How bad are Diesel Massers?

    Head says German... but nail and head... everything looks so **** generic! The Ghibli isn't as stand out individual as the QPV, but there is certainly a bit more style. Realistically, is 40+mpg long term average possible?
  11. Mattp

    How bad are Diesel Massers?

    Depreciation is going to hit me with whatever I choose, but the servicing is a bit of a concern Paying top tier servicing for something that is more of a commodity car... The QP has been surprisingly reliable and won't really loose much more, but it is my daily and there is always the niggle...
  12. Mattp

    How bad are Diesel Massers?

    I sadly need to change my lovely QP for something a little more efficient... The shortlist is looking like a 2016 A8/A6 or a 2015 Ghibli... I know the answer here will be biased to the Italian entry, but what are costs like for a modern maserati? To me, originating from the FCA parts store...
  13. Mattp

    Resonator Delete

    Just like my Sport GT... took it for a new x only to be shown, when in the air that there was no resonator... it's not often you take one of these things to the garage and not get stung!!!
  14. Mattp

    Which tyre size? will help you judge the size your happy with... a 10.5 will happily take a 300 cross section and overread 1.7mph at 70 assuming the original tyre is a 285x30x21
  15. Mattp

    10k for so much beauty...

    My QP will be up for sale in June... same as the one above, but with the black alcantera and black leather with red piping... Duo select with 66% wear - was 60% last may.
  16. Mattp

    10k for so much beauty...

    Im not surprised... it is a few thusand undervalued...
  17. Mattp

    10k for so much beauty...

    Just to rule out idle speculation... I RTFM! My manual is shared with the GT, so maybe the early duo select is on a yearly schedule - in which case I don't feel quite as gutted paying twice the yearly road tax!!
  18. Mattp

    10k for so much beauty...

    Mines a MY07 but registered Dec06 - the service record has been main dealer every 2 years. I thought it was yearly and that I was overdue a service, but when I went into Lnacasters, the service department made me believe that I was early on time, but bang on for miles...
  19. Mattp

    10k for so much beauty...

    The Duo select is also a 2 year, 12000 mile service schedule... I don't think there is a car about for the money that turns as many heads, creates the same amount of buzz when you mention it and is as beautiful as the QPV... it is a true bargain... other than its thirst the machine is a...
  20. Mattp

    Headlights and Front End Painted

    eh gads!!! £50 for 30ml :eek: