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  1. Lozzer

    Decent 3200 Rosso Mondiale for Sale at the Market

    Sold ...£15800
  2. Lozzer

    3200GT Owner for may years.....needing some help

    The pot is supposed to sit vertical, mine does anyways. Have you had a read of this? not Maserati specific but Volvo that shares the unit , you would need to know what voltage the Mazzer is aiming for at idle. Seeing as the only thing thats changed is the Tb , maybe the magnet needs adjusting...
  3. Lozzer

    Climate Activists

    Oh dear, I apologise to all those waste of space slackers that are to be fair a waste of perfectly good sperm...Good old Aunty had better get her reporting straight then....
  4. Lozzer

    Climate Activists

  5. Lozzer

    Climate Activists

    I see the hypocritical climate activist bums left London like they found it. And don't get me started on Emma Thompson..what a joke, these ******* need to sample a bit of hard graft for a living...they boil my ****!!!
  6. Lozzer

    3200 oil sender

    Not heard or read of anyone doing it, but it's a good idea if possible.
  7. Lozzer

    Daewoo Maserati

    The only part anywhere near similar lines are the rear quarter glass lines for me.
  8. Lozzer

    Yorkshire meet - 28 April

    So now I'm in the 20% that says I will be working that day, sorry, gutted.
  9. Lozzer

    3200 Bargain?

    Shock ,Horror, Still lots of negativity regarding the 3200 then. Shame. I'm really pleased I didn't listen to any of it when I bought mine . Some owners live by them, some owners throw money at them....pick your poison....
  10. Lozzer

    Repairing a dent in an aluminium door panel - advice please

    Damaged caused by carelessness like door dings are something I can definitely not live with. These people should be shot.
  11. Lozzer

    3200 AC ARB Group Buy

    Hi Steve, Not got round to fitting mine yet, can't see it being anymore trickier to fit than the standard ARB though, it's the same size isn't it? Are the stops on the new ARB wide enough apart for the standard clamp/bush set up? Ta
  12. Lozzer

    3200 Bargain?

    He was in it......knew I'd seen those groovy socks somewhere before.......
  13. Lozzer

    3200 Bargain?

    Nothing to do with me, but looks lovely and low miles too, a potential bargain for someone? Excuse the Starskey and Hutch vibes in the vid , i had to turn them off! Lol
  14. Lozzer

    Brexit Deal

    Not even into battle mate :eek:
  15. Lozzer

    La'al trip up Honister

    Thankyou guy's, Playtime again!, excuse the mess , I'll sort it later....honest.;)
  16. Lozzer

    GT 4.7 MC below 30k...

    First picture has a "sold" sticker over it? Anyone want to fess up?
  17. Lozzer

    Need some help pricing this car

    Very tiring, this thread is 7mins of my life I won't get back, yes I took note of that, and another 10secs of calling OP Bull5hit.
  18. Lozzer

    3200 Sump Plug Torque

    No Dave definitely not, tightened it back up to 30nm and didnt feel it was enough, it's a big plug! And a really fine thread, Ended up around 60nm
  19. Lozzer

    3200 Sump Plug Torque

    Im certain they will have, I was just surprised at how tight it was.
  20. Lozzer

    3200 Sump Plug Torque

    Not personally Dave, it usually involves a 250 mile round trip, and a hotel along with time off work that I'm finding a bit extreme for an interim oil change.