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  1. TimR

    Fernando's Manual 4200 Project - the story so far and beyond

    Having also fitted the FD arb kit , I have more confidence than I previously held in the potential of their springs to work well. From no rear ARB to their set up, perhaps Im projecting but the car is a completely different animal...
  2. TimR

    Thoughts on these cars?

    Id agree with this...even before I learned the second car his a CAT * Manual's are significantly easier to get your head around on a technical footing. They go wrong less often, from what Ive seen, and it follows they are cheaper to fix. If you want a manual, there are fewer to chose from...
  3. TimR

    Wheel bolt covers

    Ive used these covers..My T5 has had them on for nearly five years..and I dont regularly remove the rims. I pulled all the wheels off recently and didnt have an issue with any of them...! I recently fitted them to my 4200 and used a silicon release agent.A quick squirt and you shouldnt have any...
  4. TimR

    Climate Activists

    Boiling that irony ? :p
  5. TimR

    Daewoo Maserati

    Thankfully some sh1t never makes it off the drawing board...!
  6. TimR

    HOW TO: Heater Matrix Repair

    Interesting..Doesnt look like the ride height has been messed with either...? Looks very "stealth". No, dont ask then I wont have to tempt fate. Mines a 2006 car so pretty much expecting a matrix leak tbh. I got the Saab from this forum too.. PLastic is quite able to take tempreature these days...
  7. TimR

    HOW TO: Heater Matrix Repair

    Oh right...Maserati snobbery !! lol Car looks great on 19"s...;)
  8. TimR

    HOW TO: Heater Matrix Repair

    Excuse the greenhorn question but please tell me, that isnt a plastic/alu replacement you just shoehorned in there, is it ? Major undertaking...Id have thought the all metal Saab version was the go ?
  9. TimR

    Main dealer service history - is it important?

    Brake and coolant is annual on a 4200 IIRC.. Havnt read the pdf. Not all Maserati dealers are the same. I turned down the non-specialist' offer of the selling dealer doing the 4 yr service on my 4200 when I was buying. Partly ignorance on my part but they quoted such a low price, I somehow...
  10. TimR

    lowering a 4200

    Dunno about easier... By most accounts, you'll need to remove the shocks from the car to get the stock units set up to lower the car. The same as you would to fit the FD kit...FD offer an "optimised" spring rate. The coil is deliberately shorter to allow the car to drop... On both counts, it...
  11. TimR

    European breakdown cover - it pays to talk!!

    I offered to drop euro cover to see if I could get cheaper.. "Its free anyway sir"...was their response !!
  12. TimR

    Workshop & Garage Project

    What depth of concrete is needed to place & bolt these down...?
  13. TimR

    lowering a 4200

    Absolutely....! :)
  14. TimR

    lowering a 4200

    25mm on the rear is alot...! I have 15mm front and 17 or 18 on the rear ( I forget exactly) I was surprised to see that the front looks so out there. My wheels arent OEM, so it might be something here...the tread is outside the arch line...! FD springs will lower the car. Others on here...
  15. TimR

    HOW TO: Heater Matrix Repair

    Keep calm and carry on ! :D
  16. TimR

    HOW TO: Heater Matrix Repair

    Surely rust is only an issue if it's been leaking, and if it's been leaking that badly, it'll surely have fried your airbag ECU I understand..? Im trying to wrestle the back boxes off mine atm...rust is an issue here for sure ! Cant reach anything and the ones I can get at, I'll break them clean...
  17. TimR

    Brake pads 4200cc

    Well done Zep...thanks for that ! ;)
  18. TimR

    Brake pads 4200cc

    Its possible that the absence of provision for a pad wear indicator is the reason but the rears are also coming up as not compatible.. Other sites state the rears as a fit for the Spyder, which I am assuming is the same as the 4200 coupe TBH. Maybe Spyder doesnt refer to the 4200/GS version bit...
  19. TimR

    Brake pads 4200cc

    Strange...both come up as not compatible on Demon Tweeks for me...!!
  20. TimR

    Brake pads 4200cc

    Can anyone enlighten us as to the Ferodo part numbers please ? Im not finding them listed for either the 4200 or coupe...