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  1. D Walker

    Spare Wheel - Lend

    So, looking to do a Euro trip in September, looks like ferry to Santander then through Europe via some good roads and site seeing.. Would anyone be prepared to lend me there spare wheel kit? Beer tokens or wine pick up on travels to recompense!
  2. D Walker

    Help - Dealer Issues for mates son

    Hi all, Looking for some advice for my mates son, Hr bought an 07 Astra VXR from a dealer, its been back twice for various issues but its still not sorted, now they are saying that there is nothing wrong with it and its his problem, It has a 3 month warranty and I think he has had it 6 weeks...
  3. D Walker

    4 Seat Strad in White

    Think someone was looking for a 4 seater...
  4. D Walker

    Calling Ewan.......
  5. D Walker


    Watching it again tonight, not sure how many times, in a semi drunken haze, but how know when ever realised those french lot were stitching him up is beyond belief, 89 was a farce...
  6. D Walker


    Anyone else had their daughter (son - child)go travelling to Asia / Nepal / Kathmandu/ India ,,,,,,,,New Zealand -----on her own, I am papping myself - dont think i will be sleeping much from Sept 10th onward - Thank god for the internet.....
  7. D Walker

    The Irony

    Just passed a Bentley Bentanyaga thing towing a single axle Hobby caravan on A19; so you have a gazillion pound car and go on holiday in a caravan!!
  8. D Walker

    Wet foot syndrome

    Picked car up yesterday and had a nice drive through the lakes to my cousins in Carlisle. Just as we got there thought I felt a drop on my foot, anyway leaves there and yep I’m getting some drops. Near home on a roundabout a deluge lands on my foot, so carpet out to check the air con drain, none...
  9. D Walker

    Ferrari Collection For SALE
  10. D Walker

    Dropped a fatty. Went for a meal with some mates and when back to car had one of those "unofficial" parking notices on car. Wondered why, 4 hours free parking, pulled out of the space, got out of car and could make out a Blue disabled sign painted on the floor, I genuinely didn't notice it...
  11. D Walker

    Wife---True Blond

    Those of you who have been fortunate to meet my wife, a small few, may have seen she is blonde, although it's out of a bottle so she has never really been a dizzy blonde...........until now!!!!!!! Those who have read the posts may have seen that last weekend we visited friends in Scotland, had...
  12. D Walker

    WTF is it really!!! Spyder with a solid roof, check out the rear diffuser!!!
  13. D Walker

    Med Blu GTS - Up for sale.......Again Cant believe its on Teesside as well...
  14. D Walker

    Petrol Levante....Anyone
  15. D Walker

    New York Trip Tips

    Evening Guys n Gals, As it says in the title, Looking to go to NY in November for 4/5 nights so looking for any info you worldly travelers may have, Places / location to stay, getting around, must see sites and good places to eat and er "drink" Anything really. Thanks in advance, Dave
  16. D Walker

    Alfa Romeo Brera

    Any thoughts on one of these as a daily. Maybe little over top for my 70-80 mile commute fuel wise...
  17. D Walker

    £21k GT
  18. D Walker

    GT Surprise @ Work

    Was listening to a conversation today, a guy who I have worked with before for 2 years is telling people about his TVR and his Gran Tourismo, I never had a clue, He bought brand new in 2013, he is not sure what model it is but I guess a 4.7S in dark grey. Its done 7k miles and sits in the garage...
  19. D Walker

    SuperCar Megabuild

    National Geographic - Next Thursday at 8, Some celebrity fools are going to try and turn a Maserati into a 200mph car !!!! DW
  20. D Walker

    Toy to tide me over Maybe !!