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    Main dealer service history - is it important?

    I thought the cam cover gaskets on the granturismo take longer than the 4200 to change which is 6hrs for a mechanic who knows what they are doing... Unless they only did one side(?)
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    The Best of YouTube..... or other video sites..

    Hoovie bought a QP!
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    Whats going on with fuel prices?!

    That is cheap where you are Matt... £1.30+ in Surrey The other day I was thinking back to around 10 years ago when fuel ballooned up to nearly £1.50/L... Add in 10 years worth of inflation £1.30 is still not bad compared to back then
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    Brexit Deal

    Sorry what were we talking about again? Cars and tits seem to come to mind quickly
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    Brexit Deal

    I learnt back in my early 20s when i used to care enough to debate politics on internet forums that if a post is longer than a paragraph you start to lose your audiance
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    wheel repair

    These guys have one made by the same company... Can't tell how it clamps the alloy in place though photos suggest by the centre bore but it's worth a call Worth a shout @davy83? I will get mine sorted in a little while
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    wheel repair

    Buckled wheels isn't really a huge issue as the damage and repairs happen daily. The technician heats the alloy up to 400C and the mechanical press straightens the damage out some are even totally automated now. The problem davy and I are having is that the majority of the mechanical presses at...
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    nice lambo conversion

    What the f...?
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    vibration at speed

    @davy83 Honestly no. I had a big invoice to pay with the clutch, rear end refresh and exhaust rebuild at the start of the year as a result restoring the wheels have been put on the back burner. After trying a couple of places with no success back in September I do feel as though the real...
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    4200 front sub frame removal.

    @Gp79 can help you with this
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    Brooklands Italian show

    I didn't attend last year as I went to a charity ball in London the night before and woke up still very drunk when my alarm went off.
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    3200 Gt with Gransport Sideskirts

    It is your car do what you want Keep the old skirts to fit back on when you put it up for sale
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    Thinking of buying this 4200

    From what @Hong Kong 3200GTA said in his original post I would say it's fair to assume that it has been mostly looked after by back street garages in HK. Quality of labour may not be bad but I'm guessing they dont wear gloves Look out for heater matrix and clutch. Oil leaks from: gearbox...
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    Have you seen the new Alfa GTV?!

    Yep I don't think it's just modern Alfa's. All of the car manufacturers are guilty of giving nearly their entire range the same front ends as part of a "corporate identity"
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    Fernando's Manual 4200 Project - the story so far and beyond

    Don't talk to me about exhausts. Must be the fourth or fifth time I have fettled with the exhausts since January! today I dropped the cats, centre section and link pipes to install an autoshield x pipe. Hateful job to do using axle stands i spent all day doing it as I ended up getting stuck on...
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    Larini DBW vs alternatives

    Yes FD parts are expensive however they have to spend on R&D on many of these mods and recoup that development money back very slowly as they are working in a niche market with little to no competitors
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    The big 3200 transformation

    What did you do with the wheel bolts? Respray or re-chrome?
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    X Pipe

    The saving is about £50-100. After my bad experiences with a custom and used larini centre section I just paid the premium because I know its well made and the right fit
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    X Pipe

    Try Marios at Autoshield Maserati
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    Brooklands Italian show

    Yep I got this in the calender as well as blancpain race at Brands the following day... Skipped it last year to keep things fresh. Looking forward to seeing everyone