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  1. Zep

    lowering a 4200

    Whatever spring you end up with it will need to be under some level of preload so it doesn’t become unseated at the bottom of the travel. The later 4200 and GS (and MC victory I believe) used the same springs with different spring seat positions to give the desired ride height so it is a choice...
  2. Zep

    4.2 or 4.7

    If you say so :D
  3. Zep


    In all seriousness it does look really useful, does it also protect from stone chips?
  4. Zep

    Workshop & Garage Project

    I think it said 3 inches in my instructions. But this is because it have to take 3 tonnes plus the 800 kg of the lift so there is some leeway. The bolts are about 2 inches long.
  5. Zep


    It looks really amazing! Better? :D
  6. Zep

    Workshop & Garage Project

    I have the same problem. My lift is full height (unlike my garage!) and the Strad is too low. I was going to go the wood route but that link from Amazon looks the business. I might still end up making them this weekend though.
  7. Zep

    Workshop & Garage Project

    Should give it a good workout. Just make sure it’s fully bled, on mine it was putting to up to the highest setting and running the pump until all the air popped out.
  8. Zep

    Space Saver

    It’s for a QP buddy...
  9. Zep

    Workshop & Garage Project

    You will wonder how you even managed without it soon!
  10. Zep

    lowering a 4200

    What Matt said. Because the spring seat doesn’t have a washer in it you can’t turn them with the spring under tension. You will need to clean the threads in the shock and put spring compressors on it. Really only possible off the car.
  11. Zep

    SM Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

    It’s ok, it’s sorted now. ;)
  12. Zep

    Gransport Alignment Alternatives

    I’ll be honest, it doesn’t look like they have changed much. The front and rear toe has been adjusted and this has had a slight effect on the camber which is still higher than the recommended settings. But this is based on the assumptions as google translate has been defeated by Spanish...
  13. Zep

    Space Saver

    Looking at the bolt seats in the picture, they appear to be flat, while the QPV bolts will be conical. If that is the case you will need wheel bolts to suit the wheel.
  14. Zep

    Brake pads 4200cc

    The pads are the same for all 3200 and 4200 variants. They are some spurious selections but the numbers above are the right ones as far as I know. The pads design is the first set of letters and the suffix letter is the compound.
  15. Zep

    GT ECU Tune hp

    If you change to sport cats and a filter is isn’t necessarily the case that the ECU will adapt fully, there may be limits in the ignition and fuel tables that it runs into. It is true that it will be expensive to completely remap the engine. Most of the “tuners” out there will be getting their...
  16. Zep

    Brexit Deal

    Like a stolen bike?
  17. Zep

    Clacking at the back

    If it is when you are changing direction is it most likely to be suspension related (bushes, broken springs etc) followed by driveshaft CV joint. I imagine you have cleaned out anything that might be rattling from the boot?
  18. Zep

    Brake pads 4200cc

    You can tie it back with some zip ties. And keep and eye on the pad wear.
  19. Zep

    Question of the day

    Football and obscure words, who knew? :p