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  1. davy83

    3200 Oil Pressure Sender

    Great news, is there space for it?
  2. davy83

    Number 27’s 3200 Review

    I rather enjoy the car dropping into 1st at 30mph, its a **** of a trick, but yes you have to be careful when and where you invoke the god of chaos. No where near as twichy as my old bat frog crazy TVR the number of pirrouettes i did in that thing :)
  3. davy83

    heater core - LHD different to RHD?

    saw some thing recently where the underlying theme was that the heater core on the 3200 was handed? So the LHD cars have a different heater core to the RHD ones. Seemed pretty unlikely to me, any one got experience of this?
  4. davy83

    Much loved Maserati 3200 GT manual for sale

    What you need is cream leather and green dash top with green leather door trimmings, and not least a green steering wheel!!!!
  5. davy83

    Much loved Maserati 3200 GT manual for sale

    Mistral Verdi - the best colour on a 3200 :)
  6. davy83

    Much loved Maserati 3200 GT manual for sale

    lovely car sir, good luck with the sale and I hope the ones you are keeping are truly epic.
  7. davy83

    Daily Maserati 3200/4200/GS Picture Thread - Have you driven your beauty? Post a pic :-)

    In Modena the day before the 100th Centenary. i will have live photos soon!!!
  8. davy83

    Joining the electric car club

    Except the battery life of 10 years is based on the manufacturers warranty, does that mean because you only get a 3 year warranty on your ICE car it's safe to assume that the engine will need replaced in 3 years? I have just sold a 9 year old BMW i3 and the battery was 97% of original capacity...
  9. davy83

    Joining the electric car club

    That seems a little odd, WTF is going on there? Is there a separate EV parking area near this or some thing?
  10. davy83

    Recommendations for a trickle charger

    Well i mean its not been on the charger continuously for 10 years, I still take it on journeys! i mean i drive it places park it for a few days and so on and it starts a treat. If i leave it without the trickle charger it will go flat in about a month which is normal. But the car generally...
  11. davy83

    Recommendations for a trickle charger

    i keep mine continuously on a CTEK charger and have done for over 10 years and still on the same battery no problems. I believe the CTEK battery conditioner type chargers are designed to be conencted continuously and i also think its better than stopping and starting them if its sitting for a while.
  12. davy83

    3D printed 3200 hood vents

    True enough plastic is known for having good resistance to rain!
  13. davy83

    3D printed 3200 hood vents

    I will regard myself as just lucky then :)
  14. davy83

    3D printed 3200 hood vents

    These look great. The only real issue i see here is that there are not many occasions when you need to replace these? My car is 23 years old and the originals are still in perfect condition.
  15. davy83

    looking for owner's opinion on 3200gt

    The 3200 is a fairly unique and quite addictive car. The turbos definitely generate drama, and the noise is fabulous. The handling often gets slated but i think it's worth noting that many cars have issues with ball joints and the geometry not being set up right so you get reviews of cars that...
  16. davy83

    3200GT Fuel Filter replacement

    I think that's how I did it. not sure if there is a better way.
  17. davy83

    Used Parts for Newbies

    PM me if you have any questions happy to help if i can DS
  18. davy83

    EV car driving phenomenon

    I think from behind it probably does look like you are on the brakes all the time because where in an ICE car you use engine braking to slow down to some degree and this does not trigger the brake lights, in an EV the brake lights come on whenever you do any regen braking which is often as mild...
  19. davy83

    Dreaded airbag light

    yes air bag system must function including warning light going out after start up. Its safety related to its definitely part of the MOT. What car is it? I think the most common issue on the 3200 is the passenger seat switch in the door pillar, has a whacky resistor system which does not age well...
  20. davy83

    Joining the electric car club

    in fairness manufacturers often have to accept teething problems with new technology, to get to a point where things start to work well, and it all makes money, it part and parcel of new technology development. Dyson with the bagless vacuum cleaner had the worst reliability of any cleaner at...