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  1. highlander

    Replacement media and ventilation controls arrived

    my 2009 GT does not have a bonnet (proper name for hood ;)) button, old fashioned lever next to driver door :)
  2. highlander

    Coupe prices - what's happening?

    totally agree, the buttons an easy fix now cleaned and soooo much car for sooo little money.............a crying shame
  3. highlander


    nice captues as usual Phil, ty for posting!
  4. highlander

    Shamal 'convertible' ??

    silly pricing for a bastardisation half finished project.............think he just chose what he has spent rather than what it might be worth
  5. highlander


    always said the only thing letting down the 42 and GS were those bargain basement rear lights............very nice this, me likey!
  6. highlander

    Back in the Game

    agree, think macron's decision the best example recently of someone throwing all their toys out the pram!
  7. highlander

    Fiat Barchetta Riviera

    always fancied one of these, one of the prettiest wafting cars inside and out you can find IMO. will be following your search closely.......with envy ;)
  8. highlander

    Car revs itself a bit at idle... Sometimes

    ooooh, guesswork, extreme or otherwise, has never stopped anybody on here IME ;)
  9. highlander

    What you drinking now?

    It's what is called summer in scotland, so italian dry rose, aperol, dash of brandy, soda water with frozen strawberry to keep it chilled........and for vitamins of course, have 5 and you are sorted ;)
  10. highlander


    Having run with a largely unreliable 32 and a very reliable GT4.7 i can say that i would really miss the reliability, looks from pedestrians and sound of the 4.7 but if i had to choose, it would be a 32, just felt more special to be in it (when it worked!) to the "get my coat time"...
  11. highlander

    Back in the Game

    i remember billy connolly saying similar and finishing with ".....if anyone wishes to be a politician that should be the reason for permanently banning them from standing to be one....." A plague on all their houses, useless tw4ts that they all are
  12. highlander

    halo car

    kudos to Mr RG for getting hold of one of these rare beasts, someone will have a nice garage space for it!
  13. highlander

    Much loved Maserati 3200 GT manual for sale

    needs green leather and carpets to finish it off..........;)
  14. highlander

    Back in the Game

    well.........that's the end of us laughing at the american stupid choices for their election :(
  15. highlander

    Villa D'Este - BMW Art Cars

    WHAT!!!! no top gear art bmw, ........ ;) they are stunning though
  16. highlander

    Alfa GTV 6 3.5

    would your mate take a 65 year old kidney as a swap? ;) she is lovely
  17. highlander

    Villa D'Este - Marcello Gandini tribute

    lol Ewan..........some people are never happy with just a bird in the hand ;)
  18. highlander


    What safrane says.........and sounds daft, but move steering wheel whilst trying to move key too in case steering lock has came on........i know I have missed this obvious step several times :(
  19. highlander

    Soft touch remover > Sticky button magic

    nice work Eb! how did you use the fluid - did you rub it in with a cloth, paint on with a brush?
  20. highlander

    Granturismo foglights

    have a 2009 GT and replaced the fogs due to burnt chrome. from recollection the price of mas fogs was not too much to look for alternative but do not know if alfa part fits or not.