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  1. StuartW

    The Low Loader Thread

    Loaded up ready for a trip down to AV Engineering for a fluid change, health check & MOT next week
  2. StuartW

    QP/GT front subframes - the truth

    Best slap some protection on it right away!
  3. StuartW

    Maserati Insurance

    I've just renewed the race car with the Maserati owners club Lockton policy as they offer a decent agreed value policy. As the car is for sale, I limited the mileage to just 500 (I used to have it at 2,000 miles) but the premium was just £430 which I thought was excellent for a specialised car...
  4. StuartW

    GTs MC shift - Is this standard?

    With a cold engine, start up with a OE centre pipe is still loud. I don't think the X pipe is massively loud when the car is being driven conservatively, it's only noisy when pushing on.
  5. StuartW

    What have you done to your Maserati today?

    A good day for car washing today
  6. StuartW

    Brooklands Auto Italia 4th May!!

    Very disappointed to say that I am no longer coming, it's my motoring highlight of the year, but I hope you all have a great day & look forward to see you back there next year
  7. StuartW

    Brooklands Auto Italia 4th May!!

    Indeed, you & me again Sam in Group 3
  8. StuartW

    Best outdoor car cover?

    For my Lancia which is still patiently awaiting restoration, I had a Storm Car Cover which lasted for 2 years before the Fenland winds turned it to ribbons, and I now have a Stormshield + from Specialised Covers which seems to be much more robust - if only I could say the same about the Lancia
  9. StuartW

    Jump starter packs

    Another vote for Noco, I too have a GB70 and it's been great
  10. StuartW

    Anyone tempted by this spoiler?

    Hilarious, and if you need a cover that will accommodate - I suggest doing what I have done with mine, almost an OE look!
  11. StuartW

    GT space saver FS

    Nothing to do with me, but someone might be keen, especially at this price...
  12. StuartW

    What have you done to your Maserati today?

    Fired up the Trofeo today after being laid up for a few months over the winter. It started on the button and sounded glorious! It's off for a fluid change, full check over and MOT in the coming weeks, ready to hopefully find a new owner soon
  13. StuartW

    Lithium Battery

    Also, I use an OPTIMATE conditioner to look after the battery as the car is laid up for extended periods of time, and it does a great job
  14. StuartW

    Lithium Battery

    Yes, absolutely. Mine is a Super-B, as fitted to a bike and is super small and light but is impressive that it can even get a GT fired up, so a beefed up version would no doubt do the job very well
  15. StuartW

    Lithium Battery

    My Trofeo race car has one, mainly for weight saving and they do hold their charge but the cold cranking ability for a big V8 is not the best. Luckily the race car fires up on the button but you only get a few spins before it starts to give up
  16. StuartW

    3200 Shim Removal Tool FS

    Nothing to do with me but a useful tool for those undertaking a 3200 rebuild...
  17. StuartW

    Classiche Programme - The Ghibli Goes To Modena

    Fantastic - enjoy & good luck
  18. StuartW

    Brooklands Auto Italia 4th May!!

    Excellent work Dem, that's good prominent spot - thanks!
  19. StuartW

    Brooklands Auto Italia 4th May!!

    Always a highlight of the calendar and I'll be there for sure, looking forward to seeing you all!
  20. StuartW

    Running cost of a GT4

    Nope, I have not had an enquiry from this chap but happy to help in anyway I can