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  1. Alexpie

    Battery? ‘11 GTS MC Shift

    Hi all, was wondering if someone could help. The last few times I’ve driven the car, there has been the odd occasion where it seems there was a spike in the power and the lights flick off momentarily, it knocks it out of sport mode and a few of the times it has come up saying ‘park on’ and then...
  2. Alexpie

    Detailing result

    So I dropped the car off to be detailed the other day.. picked it up this evening, and what a result. It’s had a two stage machine polish, ceramic coating on the bodywork, glass coated and the side PPF replaced. It was done by Tom at Ultimate Auto in Worcester, and if you’re local I can’t...
  3. Alexpie

    Hi.. Another potential owner

    Hi all.. Another potential owner here, read good things about this forum on my search for buying advice etc, so thought I would sign up and speak to some people who really know these cars! I have been wanting a second car for a while now, as my daily diesel is boring the life out of me, so I...