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  1. Corranga

    Pic of the day

    Maybe they are. Lots Of Tat Usually Shiny
  2. Corranga

    any interest in a Scottish meet...?

    Sounds good, I'll tag along from Dundee.
  3. Corranga

    Poncy puddle lights?

    I quite like just the Maserati script, which seems to be the option that isn't on eBay / AliExpress. Can anyone confirm if they fit a 4200? I don't recall the puddle lights being all that bright on the car, so LED tat would at least make them more useful... On a side note, I couldn't believe...
  4. Corranga

    This looks lovely

    That is a beautiful colour combo, and I agree on the wood looking great too, whilst being no fan of wood. It simply oozes class.
  5. Corranga

    How many miles are the engines good for?

    The only real issue is going to be trying to sell it on really - we all know they are well built and pretty reliable, but the rest of the folk out there think they are the old stereotypical temperamental unreliable, expensive, time bomb Italian cars. The recent Pistonheads 'Brave Pill' article...
  6. Corranga

    Mercedes 300SEL 6.3 Racing Project

    Just watched the 3rd (?) episode of the latest series of Top Gear, where they buy £6k cars, ending in them entering a 6 hour endurance race - Chris Harris buys a 1992 S Class that he decorates in homage of one of these, and I was reminded to come back and further appreciate of your meticulous...
  7. Corranga

    MY 04 MAS for sale ...

    Beautiful, good luck with your sale!
  8. Corranga

    Got to Love This Persons Ad Title!

    The title is the least of it's issues. The photos, and spelling throughout, don't help, and worst of all... The old combination of no time wasters AND offers in the same ad. If you know what you want for it, stick a price on it. If you don't know what you want for it, expect people to make...
  9. Corranga

    Another car from QCC - the aptly named Quirks cars :)

    Not sure why anyone would buy a wrapped car, least of all, one in that price bracket. Recently wrapped suggests it's been wrapped for the sale too, which makes me wonder why even more...
  10. Corranga


    Proper example of ugly is cool. They look even crazier in the flesh than in photos.
  11. Corranga

    Car SOS

    Just watched this, thanks for posting. Proper combination of emotions, obviously from the families story, but also bringing back plenty memories of my own amateur mechanics adventures from my own disassembly, respray, suspension refurb, coolant system upgrade etc. Fantastic episode.
  12. Corranga

    Pistonheads' Brave Pill 4200 Article

    That's the first thing that came to my mind, only facelift part is the front bumper.. Running costs is a funny thing. Sure, beyond the immediate costly items, clutch for example, I don't think they are that bad. I recently had to change all pads on my 2016 Mini, which cost me £420 form a...
  13. Corranga

    School Fees - what we will do as parents for kids !

    Of course it could be that the school is good enough to spot it and help by recommending the tutoring and counselling, whilst the other kids are just ignored. Mental health problems shouldn't be ignored, but are, and going through puberty is perhaps one of the largest changes and one of the...
  14. Corranga

    MOT Passed :)

    It was the Scot in me, half price ticket - plus I'm in Edinburgh that night to see a band, so I'll most probably be there either way!
  15. Corranga

    MOT Passed :)

    Excellent. I've already got my ticket booked too, though the AROC website completely baffled me, so I have no idea if I'm displaying or just attending :rolleyes:
  16. Corranga

    MOT Passed :)

    Congrats! Hopefully we end up in the same place at the same time this year (and not Knockhill when it's chucking it down all day!), purely for selfish reasons - I'd love a good look around it :)
  17. Corranga

    Consider an early Granturismo, things to look out for and other questions

    Welcome along. I can't comment much as a 4200 owner, except to say that my experience on ordering parts for an older car that I think they made less of, is that factory order can also be very quick. I had parts within a couple of days, and that's Italy to dealer in England, to my doorstep in...
  18. Corranga

    Charlie Whiting

    Wow, that's sad news. A big part of the sport, and as others have said, someone who has been involved with F1 as long as I can remember
  19. Corranga

    Council Tax. How much?

    Ours has only gone up £6 compared to last year, but it cam with a leaflet that says... Money worries? Not sure what to do? Call DUNDEE MONEY ACTION on..... Which tickled me :)
  20. Corranga

    "Cheap" Gransport

    This has been on before, along with the before photos of it in a rear-ended state. Pretty sure the shut lines were awful, and I have a feeling something else wasn't right about the back end too.