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  1. conaero

    Forum Upgrade

    Dear all, just to alert you the forum will be being upgraded to the new version of the software over the coming days. Additional fixes applied too. Thank you.
  2. conaero

    MC Stradale Emblem

    The red enamel has fallen out the C of my MC Stradale dash badge. If I had it, I could glue it back in and Maserati want silly money for a new one. Before I do order it, has anyone got an old one with the C red enamel still in place...might be able to scavenge it???
  3. conaero


    Another year clicks over, has it really been 9 years. I still remember the day Loz and I switched it on....sat there chatting just the two of us. Many thanks to the loyal clan making this a very humorous and helpful forum that takes little moderation to run and for that we thank you gentlemen.
  4. conaero

    SM Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

    * Courtesy of Devonboy In about a week I’ll be taking orders for our solution designed to be installed as a diy. Comes with all the tools and a full pictorial guide. Looks stock with no evidence of any disturbance. Please add your name to the list, price circa £500, for all models of...
  5. conaero

    SM GTS Brakes

    Following on from the very successful 3200/4200/GS/Spyder brakes I am please to report that today I received the drawings back and a price and they have come in on budget. These will fit front and rear on all GranTurismo GTS and QP GTS and will be of a high carbon solid construction and not dual...
  6. conaero

    GT Door issue

    I have Krishna's 2009 GTS here thats been in for paint. The battery was flat and both windows would not drop nor would the electronic release on the door handles. You had to use the larger button to manually click the doors open. So after a full recharge and a battery reset, both windows are...
  7. conaero

    Pinifarina GTS badge location

    Have to refit Krishna’s and don’t have them on the Strad as a reference. Could someone oblige? Are they the same position as the recent QP Pinin badge location thread?
  8. conaero

    No 2st Strads for sale

    Just having my bi-monthly check round online and note there are no 2 seat Strads for sale and only a couple of 4 seater and one facelift at £88k. Keeps the rarity up I suppose.
  9. conaero

    2019 Events

    For next year we are going to get a little bit more organised with our events. You are welcome to make comments below but I will update this post #1 with all the events we are planning on attending and links to their individual threads and the contact for the event organiser. We are having a...
  10. conaero

    Alfieri Concept

    Just found these online, not sure if they are just a privateers design study or leaked but who wouldnt give £120k for that? Personally I feel Maserati have to be brave and go to this level of design if they are to turn their fortunes around. Mike....make a statement of intent!
  11. conaero

    MC Stradale Larini H & Sports Cats

    Just upgraded the descide:
  12. conaero

    Pirelli 295/35/20 PZERO

    For sale, off my Stradale rear but will fit all 20" wheels on QP and GT. 10 wider profile than standard (Stradale spec) for more traction. No punctures or sidewall damage, 4.5mm across both tyres. New, 7mm so not even half worn. Wear is flat meaning there is not extra wear on the shoulders...
  13. conaero


    I just thought I would post here this excellent site where you place a transport job and transport companies bid for your job. I recently sent the Alfa Brera, 235 miles from Chichester to The Peak District. Its cost me £155 (plus £40 Shiply fees) I have my guys direct contact details so could...
  14. conaero

    Pamela Fisher

    It is with a heavy heart that Allan (AllanWF) has asked me to inform the forum that on Friday, his wife Pamela, lost her valiant battle with cancer. I am sure you would all like to join me in offering our condolences and it goes without saying that this is a very difficult time for Allan and...
  15. conaero

    Karcher Window Vac

    Just seen the advert and never thought anything of them but then it suddenly struck me that you could dry a car with one. Any thoughts?
  16. conaero

    SM GTS brake discs

    There has been a lot of talk recently about alternative routes for brake disc so I thought it about time to show our hand. After the success of our SM 4200 discs that MAF and I worked on, Zep and I have been working for about a year behind the scenes to bring not 1, not 2 but 3 options for the...
  17. conaero


    As most of you have probably seen the site went off. We had a crashed table in the database which we managed to repair thankfully so no data loss. If its done it once, chances are it may do it again so we are monitoring it.
  18. conaero


    PROVISIONALLY FULL - Reserve list at the bottom Well, last years thread was started on 10th of October so here we go... Changing things up again this year: Dates: 11-17th June 2019 Ferry: Dover~Calais Night 1: Montreuil Sur Mer Night 2: TBC (new place) Gites: 13-16th Race: 15~16th June 2019...
  19. conaero


    This is something that has been bugging me for a while now. You will probably have seen that a lot of the the regular members don't post so much on here anymore. This is because of WhatsApp and these members are using this to communicate. I feel that this is because they can post, shall we...
  20. conaero

    Credit Card

    Right after some advise. I havnt had a credit card before, but I have debit cards. After speaking to Zep about the protection on part purchases like cars and the fact I book so many hotels for the Forum (Monaco or Bust saw £34k spent on hotels) it’s the protection side of things I am more...