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  1. sionie1

    Poncy puddle lights?

    I like them, been looking at adding them for a while. But then I have a pimp interior according to some, so it’s of a theme..
  2. sionie1

    The good morning thread

    Morning, no voice today following a small game in Cardiff yesterday. Nice quiet day planned..
  3. sionie1

    Derry '72 - Soldier F

    This ^^^^ I do remember talking many years ago with a girlfriends father who served in a couple of ‘Regiments’ both in a uniform and perhaps one with less insignia, and he was saying it wasn’t unknown to spend a full week with various patrols being shot at or for locals to bait traps for the...
  4. sionie1

    3500 GTI Vignale Spyder

    Wow, that surely is on the bucket list for when the lottery numbers come up.
  5. sionie1

    Hi all, old bloke looking for a toy

    Congratulations and remember to post the obligatory pictures when you collect it.
  6. sionie1

    Council Tax. How much?

    8% increase here, but less than what you’re paying. Have to fork out now for garden waste collection but that’s only £30 for 9 months ish. From what I can see the council here is one of the better ones in Wales. When you look at the finances you do wonder about the shortfalls.
  7. sionie1

    Bianco Gransport

    I drove one many years ago and thought it was possessed like Christine as I’m sure it was out to kill me.... It was the same white, I ended up purchasing a 156 instead but think it’s an itch that still needs scratching....
  8. sionie1

    Hi all, old bloke looking for a toy

    Was this for me? I’d love to come to Ace and meet some peeps from on here, however the trip from N Wales is a bit of a trek! Maybe on one of the next trips..
  9. sionie1

    Geneva 2019 pics

    Is the green Levante as stunning in the flesh as it is in pictures?
  10. sionie1

    Bianco Gransport

    There’s 2 Alfasnow on flea bay, one is a Japanese import with low miles, the other is a uk with a list of work done. I’d love one of these sat in the garage, stunning cars.
  11. sionie1

    Service interval mess

    He does like a Fiat Panda and a Honda Jazz...
  12. sionie1

    Service interval mess

    Get it serviced, but I’ve always found Honest John will reply with great advice. Just drop him an email, even though he’s busy trading and writing for newspapers he’s never once not replied to a query. His last advice was to buy the best Maserati I could afford, advice echoed on this forum.
  13. sionie1

    Hi all, old bloke looking for a toy

    There is an element of shake, but no more so than the Audi S5 or the A4 cabs I’ve had previously. The wheel size and the low profile tyres do sometimes exaggerate the lumps and bumps of the great British roads. If your test drive is a decent one with a few types of roads that will give you a...
  14. sionie1

    Anyone looking to sell a 4 seater Strad?

    The cabins look a nice place to be.. Nicely laid out etc
  15. sionie1

    Maseratis - Spotted

    A black GT on the A55 near Ewloe this afternoon
  16. sionie1

    Maseratis - Spotted

    2 Ghiblis today, the 1st was a white one in Claygate Surrey, the second was black and northbound on the M40, BL15 ... I did wave when we slowed however the tinted windows probably meant they never saw..
  17. sionie1

    Maseratis - Spotted

    Red GT northbound on M6 toll this afternoon. Only caught a glimpse as I was southbound coming out of the services, but it looked lovely in the sunlight.
  18. sionie1

    Maseratis - Spotted

    A black GT in Hereford yesterday, I think doing the school run.
  19. sionie1

    New GT owner... with problems :(

    From what I’ve read you shouldn’t have to 1) take the car elsewhere and get the work done 2) do the work yourself As others have pointed out, go legal, get your money back then find a better , sorted , car and enjoy the motoring. A call to Trading Standards costs nothing but will lend power to...
  20. sionie1

    What's on telly?

    +1 for Bosch.. brilliant series, very atmospheric and as you say, nearly as good as the book.