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  1. alfatwo

    The good morning thread

    Nice looking left hooker Daf with the latest aero package:) Shame about your Jag mate, that's in the bin.. What was the guy doing, or did he just blag it! Dave
  2. alfatwo

    Bonhams goodwood members meeting

    That's one of the reasons I don't do wives, they interfere far too much for there own good! Dave
  3. alfatwo

    Abs/asr issue 3200

    How about trying DA, he might be able to help Dave
  4. alfatwo

    Wanted - Red 3200 GT ASSETTO CORSA manual

    And don't forget DA has one too, Its bound to be for sale! Dave
  5. alfatwo

    WANTED - Red 3200 GT

    Yes, I think there's one on eBay at the moment, or there was last week, got a feeling its from someone on the forum! Dave
  6. alfatwo

    Becker Mexico Wiring

    It's going into a TVR Al ;) Dave
  7. alfatwo

    French Speeding Fine

    Yea, I'd just pay up and let it go. The Frenchie's are going to give GB plates a hard time if your over there in the summer what with this Brexit stuff! I always do Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland when driving south, I never touch the shanking French autoroute's! Dave
  8. alfatwo

    That’s my weekend sorted.

    Its all easy stuff, just take your time Lots of coffee and biscuits are a must when working on old 3200's! Dave
  9. alfatwo

    Becker Mexico Wiring

    Thanks Graham, just ordered one from eBay Dave
  10. alfatwo

    Becker Mexico Wiring

    Hi guys, just bought a nice old Becker Mexico 4370 from one of our friends on the forum, it came out of his maser What I'm after are the plugs and wiring etc to reconnect it, I've checked on eBay Any Ideas? Dave
  11. alfatwo


    Wow, you've got some balls you guys.. I'd rather take a chance on a nice 5k Cat D GS than get involved in all that stuff! Dave
  12. alfatwo

    Interior door lever/handle doesn't work always. Door won't open.

    All the stuff in there is the same as the older Alfa 916 GTV.. I'd check out the micro switch on the door handle! Dave
  13. alfatwo

    Extreme Vibration at 45 plus MPH

    Mike, You should have bought a proper old school maser with the gearbox up at the front and the diff at the back! Dave
  14. alfatwo

    3200 and 4200 parts

    Yes that's true, you just give him your old one. On the other hand, if you have a few hard to get maser bits and pieces for sale why not! Dave
  15. alfatwo

    Wrote this...

    Nothing wrong with Maser Biturbo's! Circa 1987
  16. alfatwo

    Leaking coolant in to cab 4200

    Heater matrix still then... It's not the end of the world, just take your time removing the dash assembly, you'll be fine Dave
  17. alfatwo

    Council Tax. How much?

    Kin,ell mate, where are you? Living on the shores of Lake Como is cheaper! Dave
  18. alfatwo

    "Cheap" Gransport

    Theres no such thing as a cheap Maser! Dave
  19. alfatwo

    Brightest halogen bulbs

    Osram Night Breakers! After market lighting kits are now illegal.. Dave
  20. alfatwo

    GTS Kenzo Pics

    Impressive, how much? Dave