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    Biturbos/number cars/Ghibli IIs for sale

    at least a lot of info supplied before one decides to take a look.
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    Biturbo steering rack repair

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    Ac condenser - 4200

    no label or sticker on the old one that states the name of the maker? This may be something? Or brandnew: (but a bit steep)
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    Tie Rod Rebuild Parts

    something like this?
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    New brainless 3200gt owner!

    Beautiful colour! Hope you will enjoy it a lot!
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    3200 Clutch Slave Cylinder.

    To prevent the part from seizing again: best lubricate the bracket before re-assembly. (vaseline or something similar)
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    Alternative parts, what everyone needs to know...

    What is the Bosch-number on the tube?
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    Saving a 3200 from the scrap heap!

    Beautiful! And a great achievement too! Compliments!
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    Biturbos/number cars/Ghibli IIs for sale

    I have no problem with the yellow... Especially not if it's a Cup!
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    3200GTA 2002 Fuel pumps

    Lancia Kappa I would think....
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    3200 GT Stuff for sale

    Hi Dave. i'd like to buy the TPM. I'll send you a PM
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    3200GT Electric Fan

    Is same as Lancia Kappa (as far as i can see) But these seem out of stock too......
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    A Ghibli II with a V8….

    I know of only 1 V8 Ghibli (dark blue) in Holland. But this looks very well engineered.... Wow!
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    I've bought a Cup

    Nice.... needs a little TLC. Unusual that grey upholstery.... Hope to see more pictures from the "under construction"=phase soon....
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    3200 strange hot shutdown/start problem

    in many cases, the resistance can be read on the orange-coloured base. Check if this is the case, then you know which type you need.
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    3200GT Fuel pressure problem

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    3200GT Fuel pressure problem

    I still wonder which quality fuel the people with similar problems use…. If you use E10, no surprise these problems occur.
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    3200 AC Condenser

    He is looking for a condenser......
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    Assetto Corsa Refurbishment

    Could it not be SX (sinistra/left) ? In that case, the other should be marked DX....
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    Eurospares Postage Costs

    I had another bad experience: I selected the cheapest shipping option. (within UK) At checkout it was suddenly changed to a very un-economic option.