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  1. Delmonte

    550 Maranello v 612 Scaglietti

    Wow. Absolute goddamm bargain. IMHO
  2. Delmonte

    Coupe prices - what's happening?

    Wow those unrusty pics are amazing. And some interesting stuff there (hidden among the volvos lol) just a shame nearly all the stock is Auto boxes
  3. Delmonte


    Insurance this year.. 4200 came in for renewal at nearly double (Geoffrey insurance). Straight on go compare, got it back to almost what it was last year. Cancelled Geoffrey and gave em an earful for trying it on, because that I do not appreciate. The Mini, weirdly, (06 plate Cooper S) came in...
  4. Delmonte

    Fuel flap won't close

    Bit of a PS to this... No matter how much silicone I throw at this, it continues to stick in. Had to buy a new part.
  5. Delmonte

    Fuel flap won't close

    Superb, done ta. Although it is sticking again... Will have to carry around a micro screw driver I think... until I can find the right silicon product...
  6. Delmonte

    Fuel flap won't close

    By glovebox unit, do you mean the tray thing that sits inside it? And do the switches come out with that? Do I have to take glovebox door off?
  7. Delmonte

    Fuel flap won't close

    Really annoying this one. Went to fill up. Flap opens. Fill up. Strange clicking noise from filler area while fuelling. After filling, flap won't stay closed (clasp seems to not work so it just pops open again). Look at filler open button in glove box... and its stuck in. Won't pop back out, so...
  8. Delmonte

    MC20 Personal Views

    Wasn't there one for sale on AT recently with sub 5k miles, at 130 grand? That's a pretty nasty hit already?
  9. Delmonte

    Rattling Exhaust Backbox Valves - QP GT S...

    I have this issue with my Gransport boxes... anyone come across that before? And is it the same fix?
  10. Delmonte

    Giallo Grantourismo Gransport (The Banana) SOLD

    Fantastic car and glad you managed to sell. I just noticed... you mentioned the car has 360 gearbox software. This seems to be a near mythical thing, with many people saying you can't do it, or that it doesn't work... But I'd be very interested to get mine done! So how did you find it drives...
  11. Delmonte

    Some stuff about speed limits

    We have a major problem near me, of kids on modified E scooters driving around at 40 mph+, middle of the road, overtaking everything, in rush hour, in 30 zones or less. These aren't even legal anywhere, even if obeying speed limits. Or electric motorbikes, also illegal without plates / license...
  12. Delmonte

    Jay Emm’s Gransport

    You mentioned its expensive. What sort of cost we talking?
  13. Delmonte

    Jay Emm’s Gransport

    So if you fit coilovers don't you lose skyhook? And sport button then only has an input on gear change, and leaves suspension alone, is that right?
  14. Delmonte

    What's going on with the carpet in this GT?

    Thought that myself. Looks well looked after and a bargain. I even like the colour
  15. Delmonte

    Things you've kept that you thought would be worth a lot one day but are not.

    Hate to break it to you but that's got the wrong wheels on.... Real Skyway Tuffs were 5 spoke! Someone's deleted the best bit of your bike! Get the lawyers out
  16. Delmonte

    Things you've kept that you thought would be worth a lot one day but are not.

    Wow, I don't remember that Burner at all lol. Burners actually came out before I got a bmx, and I was still ogling mates' ones while stuck with my horrible knackered (stuck in 3rd gear) Grifter. I remember the first range vividly... - Standard Burner (i think blue or red paint with spoke...
  17. Delmonte

    What's going on with the carpet in this GT?

    Yeah looks like them. Weird how they go to the very edge of the sills. As for the Amazon ad..... 60 quid for thar much "leather".... LOL
  18. Delmonte

    Things you've kept that you thought would be worth a lot one day but are not.

    Is the bike the original, hardly ever seen even in period, Pro Burner? Think it was finished in chrome with blue bits? Was succeeded by the much more successful and ubiquitous Aero Pro Burner? (Notable for oval ish 'aero' tubing). If so that should be worth a few quid. Very rare. (Sorry fir the...
  19. Delmonte

    What's going on with the carpet in this GT? Has the carpet in this really been replaced with some sort of custom leather covering?? Wtf?