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  1. Gazcw

    High miles?

    Well anything over 20k for some is deemed high mileage. Bonkers giving the comparable age. Mine is around 68k and 2013 so 6181 fully serviced miles a year.. oooo scary!
  2. Gazcw

    A few of us on here like a little French car

    Anyone for this Frog?
  3. Gazcw

    Car paint spray can

    Small sensors would probably be OK, but for larger needs I would probably have the paint scanned especially Nero Carbonio that has two different metallic colours depending on age. Whites can also change when sprayed on plastics compared to metals. I have always used this company for all my...
  4. Gazcw

    vinyl recommendation

    Stripes in Poole. They supplied my decals and were recommended by Ewan. No issue at all.
  5. Gazcw

    Any car paint experts on here.

    There are 2 orchr 3 versions of Nero carbonio. Different flake colours and quality I believe. My paint shop scans the car paint to match.
  6. Gazcw

    Any car paint experts on here.

    Can you spray up a bit of metal with the old paint or just take the fuel filler cover for them to scan? You would get the correct colour for age and facing then.
  7. Gazcw

    Road Tax

    New price from April. Going up from £695 to £735. :mad:
  8. Gazcw

    Who on here has classic Fiat Panda 4x4?

    At least when you fall down a French ditch you will ge able to get yourself out in that. ;)
  9. Gazcw

    NEWBIE - 2016 GT Sport

  10. Gazcw

    NEWBIE - 2016 GT Sport

    Yellow. Yes you are correct Eb.
  11. Gazcw

    NEWBIE - 2016 GT Sport

    Yellow calipers. You can join the SM splinter group. And if Markmas comes along spouting rubbish about superior red you can ignore him.
  12. Gazcw

    Joining the electric car club

    I think it depends on whether it is Octopus intelligent or go. It's all a mystery to me at the moment..
  13. Gazcw

    Chipex or similar

    I have chipex. As Toony says Don't expect miracles. It is basically a paint and lacquer in one and you get a small bottle of thinners to flat it back. OK for small chips but you will still see them if you know. Certainly on black anyway. There is only one daily driver colour to have - white!
  14. Gazcw

    Joining the electric car club

    I read on Octopus Intelligent you have to turn off any car schedules and they take over charging based on what time you need the car charged by the next day and percentage set.
  15. Gazcw

    Joining the electric car club

    They are. The Premium Plus is what I was looking at. A 2020 Model S long range is about the same price at present. The Tesla 3 has a terrible ride. Mate has one for a Company car. Harsh and choppy ride and that is with 19" wheels. Would not touch one of those.
  16. Gazcw

    Joining the electric car club

    Yeah your are right. Published range is 250. Neighbour only gets 180 when I was speaking to him and he has the regen on high. That's a and b road driving.
  17. Gazcw

    Joining the electric car club

    I am planning on swapping from my E class estate diesel soon and I was tempted by the EQC as they look pretty good. The range is really bad though and they are so much smaller than the E. I am probably going model S as they are 400 miles compared to 180 quoted miles.
  18. Gazcw

    Joining the electric car club

    Never too far out of the gutter I think Rockits.
  19. Gazcw

    Rearspoiler for 4200GT in carbon fibre?

    That adds weight :excellent: