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  1. safrane

    SW and Wales spring drive out April 7th 2019

    1 Safrane +1 GS 2 Annie + 1 4200 Spyder 3 Mark QP 4 Tim 3200 5 Andy and Mrs Andy GS 6 Chris 4200
  2. safrane

    SW and Wales spring drive out April 7th 2019

    Members are welcome to join the above event which will take place on the 7th April 2019. We will be taking in the beautiful Cotswold countryside following the 'blossom route' whilst also stopping off at a pub for a bite to eat mid way. The route will start at Croft Farm where you can grab a...
  3. safrane

    QP Service requirements

    I'm in the same quandary with the GS... only done 850 miles since last service and now due a annual.
  4. safrane

    Navtrak disconnection

    I don't believe the standard on is anything but a tracking device... so unless you have a 'special' version.
  5. safrane

    Hi, Help please

    If its the door seal, sit down when they tell you the price. It was close to a grand new.
  6. safrane

    3200GT Acceleration

    Poor sod. Hope you can find a cheap replacement from a breakers yard.
  7. safrane

    GranTurismo replacement open to orders - only 4 month lead time

    Have to agree... and suspect they did it as with an expectation of a 12 month run... now it looks like a three year run; which is a typical mass market production run for a whole generation not just a face lift.
  8. safrane

    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome and what a nice selection of cars you have. A select group of Members are in Wales so you may bump/pass a few. I trip up to Wrexham once a month and will keep an eye open for you in the Gibber.
  9. safrane

    This is so ridiculous that it is making me laugh !

    A diesel 4x4 in London... Why would you need that.
  10. safrane

    What's making that knocking noise?

    Wheel bearing or drop links?
  11. safrane

    West of England and South Wales Events - General Information for Events in the Area

    Great Mark and Tim; will you be flying solo or bringing somone (# for the start venue)
  12. safrane


    The c £6k for a weeks holiday would be the sticky point for me... but would love to go.
  13. safrane

    "Alfieri?" news. Production confirmed

    Full electric? Another couple of years for the GT then but with a line taken off for re-tooling.
  14. safrane

    GT ‘Facelift’.

    Yet to see any aftermarket kit that makes a Maserati look better than the factory version... and this continues the trend.
  15. safrane

    West of England and South Wales Events - General Information for Events in the Area

    So we now have a date for our first West of England 2019 event. April 7th we will be holding a tour around the NW cotswolds taking in the blossom trail. Start is currently being arranged but it will have catering for a late breakfast and coffee followed by the tour and a stop at a nice pub for...
  16. safrane

    Delivery miles QP GTS anyone?

    Black steering wheel, carpet and top of dash and it won't look too bad. QP that is.
  17. safrane

    gransport tyres - suited for hotter climates and longer drives

    with average temps in the UK being c19`c... I don't we will have any recommendations... best to try Maserati Life in the US.
  18. safrane

    What would you do? (wheely challenging brain bender)

    Get a standard 4200 wheel (front or back) as a temp and have the old wheel sent off for an inspection. You can drive safely on the 4200 wheel but if using a front on the rear drive accordingly.
  19. safrane

    Bienvenue to my Gransport

    Nice cars are haed to find but looks like you have a peach there.