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  1. claymore

    4200/GS alternative space saver from a Mercedes SL R230

    Lot of impressive investigation and work done here, all very useful.There may be a number of people who would prefer to have a usable spare option, rather than rely on the dubious emergency inflation kits. Would you mind summarising all the parts needed, rim, adapter, tyre, bolts etc, with full...
  2. claymore

    Brake Discs, again!

    Hi Conaero, could I take a full set of discs please (4200 CC, MY06). Still on the originals at 23k, but it can only be a matter of time...
  3. claymore

    F1 pump relay solution

    Hi all (first post), Some further comments on the Scuding solid state relay replacement. Although I had already swapped in the compatible Alfa part (Relay 11130287, 4 pin) to my recently purchased 2006 CC, I recently opted to go for this 'peace of mind' solution. Everything I read suggested...
  4. claymore

    4200 CC, Metallic Blue

    4200 CC, Metallic Blue