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  1. Mattp

    Cheap GranCabrio

    The MX5 didn't have heated seats and the roof was only up on the rain! coat on, heaters on max, roof down and fresh snow on the ground, or a cold, crisp, clear winters night - everyday made into a special occasion!!!
  2. Mattp

    Its Sunny, May as well run up the QP

    That is a great noise!
  3. Mattp

    Cheap GranCabrio

    That's nice! If only cheap was about half that!
  4. Mattp

    Business Credit Ratings

    Same here, in my student days I have had quite a checkered past with credit - all better now, and I was classed as less risk than my wife who had no credit or debt... You need managed debt to be classed as a low credit risk! Its all crazy! so finance something, or as said grab a fuel/credit...
  5. Mattp

    Newbie needing help already

    This just makes me smile! its so OTT!!! but... jut about pulls it off!! is that grey detailing either side of the bonnet bulge? that's what maybe breaks up all the gold...
  6. Mattp

    Hi Everyone!

    It is my cup of tea! although the wheels make it look a bit like a beetle!! the wing is just the right side of a bit much - I really like that!!!
  7. Mattp

    Its Sunny, May as well run up the QP

    It is Ians plate - Im surprised it was on the car when I bought it - everything about that car was right! the colour, spec, plate, history, I was very lucky! I have kicked myself though, after I collected the car, M9 BLX was available for a few hundred, but the wife didnt want bollox on her car...
  8. Mattp

    QP V rear shelf

    Take lots of photos! I've a dead LED in the brake light, which one day... I may get round to replacing...
  9. Mattp

    Its Sunny, May as well run up the QP

    haha! i did feel a little self conscious interrupting a peaceful spring morning! It made more noise after it was warm and I had turned the camera off!! I thought that the white beast looked as though it hadn't moved for a while. A good clean is on the cards for me too - once the novelty of his...
  10. Mattp

    Its Sunny, May as well run up the QP

    SORN-ing the car for the cold, salty, slippery season seems to have backfired, the weather has been so mild over here! So im working from home this morning and being distracted by the sun glinting from the QP - its such a pretty car, I cant drive it, but I can check that it still works! open...
  11. Mattp

    WTD : 20" HRE P101 STYLE ALLOYS - Zito, etc... For Ghibli

    I'm no help whatsoever, but those are a tasty set of rims! £8k though! You can get a whole QPV for that these days!!!!
  12. Mattp

    Killer Badges

    Thanks, its the usual Oval Maserati logo badge, I cant remember the dimensions, but its marginally smaller than the GT, New Ghibli, Facelift QPV, etc...
  13. Mattp

    Alfa 33 Rebuild

    Crikey Dicky, Im a pretty tolerant sort of fellow, but I take my hat off to you... to be that gracious and grant any amount of sympathy to that chap is an act of extreme humanity. Hopefully Karma pays you a visit and your luck turns around.
  14. Mattp

    Killer Badges

    If only the Chinese did the QPV pre-facelift bonnet badge... ten a penny for the later version, but £70 for mine... b00dy typical!
  15. Mattp

    What's making that knocking noise?

    Much like Oliver, could it just be wheel slip/diff locking up My Alfa used to do this, from the front only on full lock (low speed obviously!) - wrong driven wheels, but are you sure its coming through the front? anyway was really bad on one particular brand of tyre - to the extent that I...
  16. Mattp

    Han QP Sport GT

    those crazy Dutch! the steering wheel is on the wrong side!!! looks great! i do like the contrast stitching, breaks up the black nicely! well done!
  17. Mattp

    "Alfieri?" news. Production confirmed

    I like the sound of all that! full electric would make a nice toy, whist GT duties managed with electric and ICE working together. ohh... just saw that they will be using Ferrari powertrains for the hybrid/electric cars... that will be interesting, there is less mechanical differentiation...
  18. Mattp

    VDC system failure

    it had stood for the best part of a year... so wheels off and a scrub can't hurt - anywhere in particular should I be looking at? ill get the toughbook charged up and hook the digs on I suppose... I just keep forgetting until it pops up again! its actually rather nice without TC - I don't...
  19. Mattp

    VDC system failure

    2007 Alfa GT Q2 Had the car sideways the other night and the above message came up on the central display - along with the ASR and TC warning lights up on the dash... slowed down and tried the brakes - ABS still worked. Stopped the car, engine off then back on - lights all off (as I had hoped)...
  20. Mattp

    LED Lighting

    thats a shame, but thanks for looking