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  1. montravia

    Main Dealer Happy Ending.

    They are indeed. Attentive, accommodating and quite competitive. She's with them as we speak
  2. montravia

    Maseratis - Spotted

    Nice Black late GT traversing Snowshill to Lower Slaughter route near Ford. Flashed but was in the damawful BMW DL had given me after taking my Blue GT for her biennial.
  3. montravia

    Rear Parking Sensor refixing

    I did think of that. I've just had the dealer confirm that it's a bumper off job. Quite quick to be done next week as part of the two year service. Thanks anyway
  4. montravia

    Rear Parking Sensor refixing

    Cleaning the crud off the parking sensors, one popped from its aperture and is inside the bumper. I can retrieve it with wire and hook, but there isn't a means of pressing it back in the hole other than from inside. Having removed the boot lining, the bumber interior isn't accessible from there...
  5. montravia

    Granturismo sensitive steering?

    Holdon tight? Quite the opposite. Finger and thumb
  6. montravia

    Cirencester Car Club Corinium Run

    Being in the heart of the Cotswolds, i can vouch that the prettiest routes and villages are off the beaten track, more suitable for nimble little sportscars. If there is demand i could plot a suitable route and guide
  7. montravia


    Count me in Phil as a tame beta test Good man
  8. montravia


    That's lovely and welcome. Mine's an early car, doesn't have Bluetooth, USB either. I never use the Satnav despite having updated all of the maps, anything is better than manufacture embedded Satnav in any event. I've looked at upgrading the NIT to include USB at least, but I suspect your...
  9. montravia

    SAT NAV update

    The disks came from me and OEM
  10. montravia

    SAT NAV update

    The source is sound
  11. montravia

    GT - Sat Nav stuck on Maserati logo when it's cold

    I'm interested as you know Phil. Keen to hear how you get on.
  12. montravia

    Granturismo Water in the boot

    My apologies. I've misconstrued that it was the usual up wash from underneath
  13. montravia

    Granturismo Water in the boot

    It's the seal between the upper and lower well. Silicon sealant
  14. montravia

    Mirafiori to be re-tooled. Levante sales not good

    Black country term. All show and no substance.
  15. montravia

    Mirafiori to be re-tooled. Levante sales not good

    It was childishly embarrassing. All fur coat and no knickers
  16. montravia

    Question of the day

    Someone dropped a spanner when outside the ESA space station
  17. montravia

    GT NIT White Screen

    Fault isolated and diagnosed. Fix to be tested in the next week or so. Post when confirmed
  18. montravia

    A new direction for Maserati?

    I have, I was given a sport + Lux dah di dah with delivery mileage for a couple of days while GT in for minor work. I have to admit, that the best thing about it was the use of Skyhook suspension carried over, so the handling wasn't at all bad. The rest is pure Chrysler. It would only get going...
  19. montravia

    A new direction for Maserati?

    Clearly the market revenue earner is SUV from an aspirational marque. First one needs to be desirable to be aspired to, hence a halo core GT/Sports. Then comes the SUV for those for which a sports GT isn't viable. All of the prestigious marques do this. Unfortunately the Levante is so poor it...