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  1. Ewan

    Man cave

    The former tenants are nearly gone from what will be my new man-cave next to my office. Room for about 8 cars, not including any allowance for use of lifts or a mezzanine. I can see Pistonheads getting a thorough watching over Xmas!
  2. Ewan

    Rangie for sale

    I’ve just a bought a new Rangie, so my ever-ready previous one is available. It’s a 2005 4.2lt V8 Vogue Supercharge - the top of the range Rangie of its day. Maximum spec, so upgraded seats, leather, hi-fi, etc. Easily the best and most reliable RR on its time, with none of the issues associated...
  3. Ewan

    Roll up, roll up. Bargain QP for sale.

    An elderly friend of mine is looking to sell his 2014 QP VI. He bought it as an ex-demo from HR Owen, so is a good spec model with then just one private owner. He has used it largely to travel between his UK and Italy homes, as a comfortable but quick cruiser that can manage 650 miles on a tank...
  4. Ewan

    Log in

    For some reason I now have to log in on every visit to the forum, even though I’ve ticked the stay-logged-in box. How can I resolve this? Advice please (as I’m rubbish at tech stuff). If it matters, I use an iPad and iPhone to view the forum, and have the same problem on both devices.
  5. Ewan

    2011 GranTurismo MC-S MC Sport Line for sale

    With the arrival of the MC GranCabrio, my lovely GranTurismo-S 4.7 MC-Shift MC Sport Line needs to go to a new home. I purchased the car last summer from a fellow client of Emblem Sportscars. They had serviced it in the past, and then inspected and prepared it for me. Brief details are that its...
  6. Ewan

    Oops I did it again...

    Today I decided, once again, that having only two Masers doesn’t quite work. Hence the idea to add a summer toy to the stable - a black MC Strad Cabrio to match the black GT-S MC Shift coupe.
  7. Ewan

    Classics at the Castle

    Anyone else going to "Classics at the Castle" this weekend in Sherborne, Dorset? It's one of biggest cars shows in the South West and I bumped in to a few fellow Maser owners there last year.
  8. Ewan

    running costs

    If you had to use a main dealer to fix the variators on a QP, the end float on a 3200, and fit carbon discs on a Strad and a new clutch on a GS, how much would it cost? Maybe this much:
  9. Ewan

    Venturi Atlantiques for sale

    Pistonheads currently lists two Atlantiques. Both are the single turbo version and both are great examples. One a bit over £50k, the other a bit below. So, for anyone who has admired mine on the Maser forum over recent years, now's your chance before values head further north. (Oh, and the...
  10. Ewan

    Atlantique 300

    Has anyone been on recently? Just spotted they have a rather lovely Atlantique for sale. For someone looking for a car between a GS and a 355 (without wanting a 911 or Esprit) this could be it.
  11. Ewan

    Weekend pics

    The sun came out this weekend so took the opportunity to wake a couple of the hibernating beauties: Hopefully this weekend some more toys will get a run out. Anyone else open up their garage for the first time in months?
  12. Ewan

    Factory newsletter

    Just read the official March newsletter from Maserati. 51,000 cars sold in 2017 and about 84,000 Ghiblis sold since its launch in 2013. Not bad for a niche brand, even if their offering mostly consists of disappointingly mainstream vehicles. Quite like the thought of one their Master driving...
  13. Ewan

    LHD GranSport Spyder

    A friend of mine is thinking of selling his GranSport Spyder. It's in great condition and recently serviced, it's black (with new ceramic detailing) and has done 28k miles. It's LHD and he imported it from the USA. (It is now fully registered and taxed here in the UK, obviously.) I'm happy to...
  14. Ewan

    NEC - Nov 10-12

    Anyone else going to the Classic Car Show at the NEC? Free Prosseco bar for Maserati Club members! I'll be there on the Friday. I'm manning the Renault Alpine Owners Club stand in the morning, but will then head over to the Maserati Club stand for lunch. Later on it'll be to the Lambo Owners...
  15. Ewan

    Lake End Autos

    Never heard of them, but now see that they have 7 3200's in stock. I bet that's the first time ever, anywhere, that a dealer has stuck there neck out (with 3200's) quite so far. 99% of traders wouldn't stock 1, let alone 7! It's a brave but welcome stance.
  16. Ewan

    Need to export a car to the USA

    I have a friend who wants to export his old Westfield to Florida. Who is the chap on the forum that does this for a living? I've met him, but can't remember the name. He has a QP and a 911, that much I can recall.
  17. Ewan

    Gran Turismo

    Looking around the Southampton Boat Show today, this one from Fairline had a certain appeal:
  18. Ewan

    Number plates

    Just testing some new plates for the Altlantique. Not 100% compliant...
  19. Ewan


    I finally collected my GT-S MC Sport Line from Emblem this afternoon. 40 min drive there in the 599, same route back in the GT-S. First conclusions? The GT-S sounds better (even though the 599 has the original fit factory sports exhaust, while the Maser is "standard"), has a more forgiving ride...
  20. Ewan

    New toy time

    Made the fatal mistake of popping into my local Maserati garage yesterday. Which means that I've just had to make a cheeky little addition to my forum signature. See below. So, Phil, I'm in your gang!