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  1. Ewan

    Why are P Zero's so Rubbish?

    If you check the tyre tests completed by EVO each year, the P Zero consistently scores highly and regularly finishes at or near the top. But they are not winter tyres! I’ve used various versions of the P-Zero over the years and they’ve been great - but I do have winter tyres as well, which go on...
  2. Ewan

    MC Stradale - Is this a bargain ?

    When I called the owner a few months ago he didn't even know it had the "wrong" bonnet. And at the JCT 600 service, they said it needed new ceramic brakes. But at ££££, obviously this work wasn't done. These two things alone put me off, so I didn't go and see it. But who knows, it might actually...
  3. Ewan

    Some Gransport questions

    Bad quality. It was a common fault with the Spyder. Mine would occasionally pop open whilst driving. Should be fixable though.
  4. Ewan

    This is so ridiculous that it is making me laugh !

    Our Evoque, which we bought new just over three years ago, has been great and is now at 39k miles. Anything that has cropped up has been covered by the service plan and warranty, so other than new tyres, it’s cost us nothing in that regard. The warranty claim you mention sounds remarkably...
  5. Ewan

    QP Sport GT 2006.

    Those pictures are of the car parked outside my club. Which is strange, as I’ve never seen it there.
  6. Ewan

    Some questions 94 non abs Ghibli

    Are the body shop people going to paint the bumpers and window surrounds to match the rest of the car?
  7. Ewan

    Pic of the day

    Couldn't find a blue one in the necessary condition/mileage/history. Anyway, a Porsche from the 80's has to be Guards Red or Grand Prix White.
  8. Ewan

    Low mileage Stradale for sale

    I don't think that's the same one. Different coloured brake callipers, and a different blue by the look of it. The one being broken looks more like Blu Med and Blu Victory.
  9. Ewan

    Low mileage Stradale for sale

    That’s the one I’m waiting by buy. If it ever comes up.
  10. Ewan

    Low mileage Stradale for sale

    You’re too quick Jon! I was trying to finish that statement, then edit it, and I look back and wham, it’s gone. Q. When’s the last time a Strad came up for sale that wasn’t white, grey or black?
  11. Ewan

    Pic of the day

    Finally collected the latest addition to
  12. Ewan

    Low mileage Stradale for sale

    It’s the car that was up for sale in South Yorkshire (why is it always South Yorkshire...?) a few months back. I chatted to the owner then, and he knew next to nothing about the car. Didn’t even know it had the wrong bonnet. Needed new carbon brakes, at big money. And why? Aren’t they supposed...
  13. Ewan

    Range Rover Sport TD V6 2005

    I’ve not had an RR Sport, but the RR Supercharged that Allan had off me served brilliantly for my 9 years of ownership. And my new Autobiography is awesome. Not cheap mind (at £113k), but fantastic. Our Evoque is now 3 years old and is still yet to put a foot wrong. So overall, from my 10 years...
  14. Ewan

    Maserati Ashtray Script

    I’m happy with the pricing, so count me in. And I’ll have a set of Ferrari cufflinks as well please. And a set of Aston Martin ones.
  15. Ewan

    Bienvenue to my Gransport

    As a good a GS as any. Congrats Jon. Enjoy!
  16. Ewan

    QP V For Sale

    I wasn’t actually thinking of your comments Phil. It was more a general observation, as I think that many Maserati fans were slightly disappointed with the QP VI after the gorgeous QP V. But somehow your chosen VI just works. It’s amazing the difference a colour can have. I know what you mean...
  17. Ewan

    GS prices

    Good idea Newton. It would be quick and easy to (temporarily) swap the GS front seats for a pair from a normal 4200.
  18. Ewan

    GranTurismo replacement open to orders - only 4 month lead time

    Do you think they would take an order for a new 2 seat Strad, in blue?
  19. Ewan

    GT for sale

    I know nothing of this garage, but surely that’s the cheapest sensible mileage GT-S MC Shift (with some MC Sport carbon extras) yet offered by a dealer. If you are local and in the market you’ve nothing to lose by taking a look. I dare you!
  20. Ewan

    QP V For Sale

    Nice new Avatar as well Phil. Now, looking at that picture, who was it that was rude about the looks of a QP VI....?