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  1. Gp79

    Now that is pushing it too far - a 15k granturismo

    Not worth the hassle based on the above, just buy one for above 20k and enjoy it!
  2. Gp79

    Looking at 4200

    Only had one abs sensor fail in my ownership and that seems to be the most common, not heard of any other sensors failing frequently.
  3. Gp79

    Looking at 4200

    The 31% will be the wear so 69% left. Don't get too hung up on it as my clutch was 75% worn over 4 years ago and it is still ok now. The subframe rust is from the inside out so hard to know how bad it is, have a good general look at the underside if everything is covered in surface rust then...
  4. Gp79

    Dash out - what else would you do?

    The Ac pipe insulation was in poor condition on mine, I wrapped it in armaflex to repair. Also the glove box inner was cracked so I replaced that. Fit cruise control if not already. Collect coins from under seat runners, I made £1.50!
  5. Gp79

    External Temperature Sensor

    Yes exactly, not a direct fit and use original mount / base.
  6. Gp79

    External Temperature Sensor

    Bought a pair of 166 mirrors myself, just in case while cheap and available. If you’re desperate for any parts let me know
  7. Gp79

    Gransport cat pipes

    My 2005 GS also has the euro spec manifolds,
  8. Gp79

    Electrical Gremlins

    Definitely worth bypassing the heater core if it is suspect, also check the front passenger side footwell for wet as there are loads of electrics under the carpet. The matrix isn’t too bad to change and will give you chance to check everything else. Great guide on here.
  9. Gp79

    4200 Lambda sensor part numbers.

    Oldest is usually the best! Including mazer manifolds!
  10. Gp79

    4200 Lambda sensor part numbers.

    Yes a 2005 GS (euro spec 4 bolt manifolds mind) and fit well with cables same length as original. Plenty of length of cables. Check Eurospares to see if part number is different between years / exhaust manifold type, I’m sure it will be the same.
  11. Gp79

    This months Classic Cars mag

    There’s a bit about the Bora for anyone interested. It is actually Feb edition, can anyone explain why you buy magazines 2 months early??
  12. Gp79

    Heat shields?

    The heat shield you have high lighted is all one piece and quite light, so in likely to make a clonk. The securing points open up with age so it has probably just dropped from the retaining studs. Clonks are probably more suspension related
  13. Gp79

    3200GT Steering Rack

    Not good reading, when and where did you see this?
  14. Gp79

    3200GT Steering Rack

    I feel your pain but do think these are just your normal old car problems. My GS has been a rolling restoration with hardly any of the issues picked up at the pre purchase inspection but I did buy the cheapest private sale at the time. (With a specialist full service history) Over 4 years...
  15. Gp79

    Art: Engine sketch 4200

    Thanks again!
  16. Gp79

    Art: Engine sketch 4200

    Not allowed in the house so in the garage!
  17. Gp79

    Escalating clutch repairs... who is at fault

    Wow that is a biggie, I always had 2-2.5k in my head. Think I’ll do it myself when the time comes then get it taken to an M.D for set up. Hope no more expense for a bit now.
  18. Gp79

    HOW TO: Heater Matrix Repair

    Bon jour It is written well so must be the translate that is causing the confusion. I managed to follow it no problem. Anyway it means disconnect both the white connector and the earth connection. Make sure battery is disconnected for some time before disturbing airbags and don’t put any...
  19. Gp79

    Saved Another

    Always wanted one as well, nice one. you don’t see them on the road anymore.
  20. Gp79

    Upcoming Maserati MOT

    I’m in the midlands, so local to me, where are you based? It is Lutterworth MOT centre LE174YB There should be a few MOT only garages around the Uk.