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  1. Zep

    Bendy Bumper

    Not too much though, it might end up pointing the wrong way :p
  2. Zep

    Bendy Bumper

    I don’t doubt that they took the opportunity to strengthen it and the different design of the spare wheel well may have presented an opportunity. We know that there are bumpers out there with bars bonded to the inside. Things sag with age (well, I know I do!) so at this point it’s hard to say...
  3. Zep

    Tyre Recommendations

    I used Michelin’s on my GS and was impressed with the result, however I have no frame of reference to compare them to the Goodyear so cannot comment on that. Oh, and Matt is right about the Pirelli’s being ****, my rears split around the shoulder on the Modena trip and I gained a golfball sized...
  4. Zep

    EASYMAS Diagnostic - Beta

    I will try to get the OBD pin outs for the M138 at the same time.
  5. Zep

    EASYMAS Diagnostic - Beta

    Yes, sorry I am being a bit of a roadblock on this as my car is away. It seems to work on my car, but I haven’t tried it with the latest, I will try and do it this week. With the exception of the Race / Sport buttons on the Strad it seemed to be good anyway.
  6. Zep

    NIT- Magneti Marelli

    You are right, it’s the (slightly) newer stuff. A car stereo repair place might be able to help, depending what the fault is.
  7. Zep

    Thinking of selling my 3200GT.

    Have you seen asleep for 4 months? Oh, and you forgot to say “no offence” ;)
  8. Zep

    Bendy Bumper

    I’ve not heard about this issue anywhere else, so design fault is probably a bit strong. There is only one way to see if it will fit and what mods are needed and that’s to try it. There might well be subtle differences in the shape of the bumpers even if on the face of it they look the same.
  9. Zep

    ECU repairs or replacements

    See if you can find the model on the manufacturers sticker (Bosch or Magneti Marelli for example) and google to see if someone specialises in that unit. All of the above options are also good places to start.
  10. Zep

    Uh oh, my GS is a paperweight - Gearbox is stuck between 3rd and 4th gears

    Glad to hear you are back on the road and thanks for sharing the outcome :)
  11. Zep

    Where to buy the £400 lower front pattern wishbones

    Ah, so no difference and the brake ducts. Good to know!
  12. Zep

    Just bonkers

    I only came to visit 5 years ago and have stayed ever since, the thread drift is mind bending and it is even worse at the Christmas Party!
  13. Zep

    Just bonkers

    Coffee is the one thing I can’t live without, so sorry, can’t argue about that. But I am sure Geoff will be along shortly to explain gold trading for you :)
  14. Zep

    3200GT Steering Rack

    Totally agree with Phil, everyone here is rooting for you to get through it, use the car and stay in the fold.
  15. Zep

    Just bonkers

    The story states that all of Aldi’s signs do not feature skirts (I’m not going to say Gender Neutral because that is largely beside the point) and that these signs were painted in error. So I doubt they are paying at all, let alone changing them all over the country. Someone missed a line in the...
  16. Zep

    Just bonkers

    To be honest, this is just a story about someone who has reacted badly to being mildly inconvenienced by a sign being painted. To me it doesn’t really matter that it was to remove a skirt that was incorrectly painted in the first place. If it was because they were clearing up spilt paint that...
  17. Zep

    3200GT Steering Rack

    I think it might be time for...
  18. Zep

    Stradale Mileage

    2011 - 18000
  19. Zep

    No 2st Strads for sale

    At £58k it is!
  20. Zep

    Is it me...

    Nothing gets past you :D