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  1. ScottH

    The new grantourismo is on sale now??

    Apparently there’s a few with a company that drives them 22 hours a day putting the miles on
  2. ScottH

    Stratos Kit Project Anyone?

    There's just something about these, a Lister Bell Stratos is high on the list if funds and space allowed!
  3. ScottH

    Maseratis - Spotted

    A Levante trofeo this evening around Berkhamsted, couldn’t hear it… I was in the wrong car of course :rolleyes:
  4. ScottH

    Villa Scalabrini 14th May!

    1. Dem 2. Scott
  5. ScottH

    Brooklands Auto Italia 29th April

    Please add me to the list, tickets booked!
  6. ScottH

    Anyone found a good interesting to drive but still comfortable practical daily?

    Have you looked into spending on aftermarket suspension? Must be cheaper than swapping if everything else is good!
  7. ScottH

    Christmas Party 2022!! Dec 10th

    Thanks for a great evening and Dem for organising! Great to catch up and add some more names to faces.
  8. ScottH


    Sorry to hear that Helen, our condolences.
  9. ScottH

    Time for a new Clutch - costs and approach?

    I’m in Hertfordshire too and make the trip down to Southampton for sportsItalia, combine it with a day at the beach! Don’t recall where the next closest specialist was, midlands had a few choices. I don’t think I’d want the clutch changing at any non-specialist at least.
  10. ScottH

    Maseratis - Spotted

    Not a Maserati as such but briefly followed MC12 FAN on the M25 yesterday. Didn’t notice any appreciation for a mere GT :p
  11. ScottH

    Is that a Trident I see before me?

    Looks good! Much more interesting than the typical competition.
  12. ScottH

    The whinging bitches politics poo-bin thread

    Surely that scale is very wrong.. you’d hope our rivers don’t have the same amount as the government!
  13. ScottH

    Importing a Car from the US

    Love it! Great achievement after all that work, and winning the class is the cherry on top.
  14. ScottH

    considering a Granturismo

    Hopefully the strong price applies to all shades of blue GT!
  15. ScottH

    SOLD Mercedes E55 AMG S211 Estate

    GLWTS, I'm forever tempted by the C/E63 from this era but heard plenty of good things in 55 flavour too.
  16. ScottH

    Maseratis - Spotted

    Had to move next to the GC because he couldn’t fit in the other gap!
  17. ScottH

    Genesis initial impressions

    Just seen one at silverstone, not seen a stand yet if they have one here. Looks nice in the flesh too! Edit - found the stand so it wasn’t another owner with your colour scheme just yet :yeah:
  18. ScottH

    In roof solar panels for roof tile repair/replacement

    How’s everything looking now you’ve had it a bit longer? What do you get on a typical British day, overcast etc.?