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  1. PhillV8S

    I decided to SORN my GS after it’s MOT late last year and garage it for the winter and get the insurance in sync with my other cars policy which renews at the start of June. So going forward, tax and insurance is all sorted at the same time, nice and simple. I have never bothered before...
  2. PhillV8S

    (My!!) New Rosso Mondiale over Avorio Gransport

    Congratulations on joining the GS club. They really are great fun and make every drive an occasion. Enjoy.
  3. PhillV8S

    Sticky buttons sorted today

    I haven’t put any top coat on currently, the icons seem very hardy, II may use a silk/Matt clear coat further down the line if they look like they will need further protection. I am in Worcestershire, not sure if that’s close to you or not?
  4. PhillV8S

    Sticky buttons sorted today

    The rear and front outboard vents just pull out. The 2 inner large vents have tabs you need to pull inwards to remove the vent. In the videos I saw there were 3, but there were 4 on mine so worth using a torch and checking before you try tugging at the vent. It’s a bit tricky as you have to try...
  5. PhillV8S

    Sticky buttons sorted today

    Well, not as arduous as anticipated, all nice and clean & sticky **** is gone. Don’t worry about rubbing too hard, I was pretty vigorous but it didn’t affect the white icons or damage the base black surface. Just the top centre vent and AC knobs to finish the job fully,
  6. PhillV8S

    Sticky buttons sorted today

    As this thread has inspired me, I too have decided to get rid of this stickiness too. Not one to dither, and after testing on a side vent my evening is looking like this. Using this 90% rubbing alcohol seems a good compromise of being able to do the job versus evaporating too quick or stripping...
  7. PhillV8S

    Looking for a Gransport

    This thread reminds me of my initial search for a GS. Agree with others that they are simply too much value for money these days to keep being ignored, so much fun and drama for the money.
  8. PhillV8S

    Stuff you've found on TV worth watching

    I hate any of this reality TV stuff, but I did find myself watching this in the end. Fast forward past the challenges and watch the plotting and scheming and it’s surprisingly good. Paranoia is fun to watch it seems, who knew? Just watched Mayflies after above recommendations. Luckily not too...
  9. PhillV8S

    who worries about putting miles on their car?

    I have never understood why someone would buy a car and then not drive it when they wanted to for fear of putting miles on. Buy it, drive it and enjoy it. Let the next owner worry about the mileage you leave the car with if they want to. Enjoy the time with car otherwise why bother buying it at...
  10. PhillV8S

    Vacuum cleaner recommendation

    Just another perk of Maserati ownership…. A wide knowledge base of vacuum cleaners. Who knew?
  11. PhillV8S

    Owning Italian cars is keeping the fun going

    La dolce vita is alive and well here too.
  12. PhillV8S

    Car Cacoon things

    I used to have a carcoon, couldn’t fault it, unzip front, drive in, zip up front. Job jobbed. Good for preventing condensation aswell as there is a constant air flow.
  13. PhillV8S

    Maserati World Record.

    Exciting, I’m in.
  14. PhillV8S

    Stuff you've found on TV worth watching

    Just finished both series of Captrure, thanks for the heads up, great series and ending. Recommended.
  15. PhillV8S

    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second 1926-2022

    Very impressed with the whole ceremony from start to end, didn’t plan on watching it all but found myself too impressed to move away. The pall bearers had the toughest job and executed it perfectly throughout the day perfectly. I hope they are are having some well earned drinks and the King...
  16. PhillV8S

    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second 1926-2022

    I have to agree she was a constant in all our lives and always respected her sense of duty and all she did for us to the very end. A great lady who will leave a big hole in our social fabric. I guess it was a blessing the end came so quick and in her beloved Balmoral. RiP. Charles has some very...
  17. PhillV8S

    Gransport seat backs and easy entry fix.

    They can be wrapped or hydro dipped even, but need to be stripped back to bare plastic first.
  18. PhillV8S

    Gransport seat backs and easy entry fix.

    That’s the guy, yes expensive, but they are custom made small batch products so no surprise really, I couldn’t fault them once they turned up tbh, they look OEM.
  19. PhillV8S

    Gransport seat backs and easy entry fix. This is the website but I ordered from the guy before this site was up and running. They did take a while to turn up (5 months) but that was mostly the china side of things and covid induced delivery times. I was provided with tracking...
  20. PhillV8S

    Gransport seat backs and easy entry fix.

    Way too much hassle for me, so opted for the carbon seat backs which were a 30 minute job to swap over and look great and won’t need to be touched up in years to come. Not a cheap option but worth it imo.