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  1. damnawivdaplan

    MC20 no likey

    I enjoy watching throttle house
  2. damnawivdaplan

    I'd like to buy a Strad. Anyone selling a decent one for a good price

    any pictures love the colors never get bored of it
  3. damnawivdaplan

    Supercar Fest

    where's that at gaz?
  4. damnawivdaplan

    oooh deary, deary me.........

    things go wrong it's unfortunate. I have had the white screen of death on mine so on sorting that out. annoying though as the second hand one in USA are in worse condition button wise than mine.
  5. damnawivdaplan

    Lancia Prisma Symbol

    nice mate! enjoy it
  6. damnawivdaplan

    Cat D 2 Seater Strad Anyone?
  7. damnawivdaplan

    GT 2008 White Screen of Death

    hi did you get sorted in the end?
  8. damnawivdaplan

    I'd like to buy a Strad. Anyone selling a decent one for a good price
  9. damnawivdaplan

    Went to see my first granturismo!

    I bought my car off Richard grace money well spent in terms of peace of mind as he came so highly recommended. if buying elsewhere with these types of cars you have to pay and arrange a pre purchase inspection.
  10. damnawivdaplan

    JayEmm on the 2018 GranTurismo MC

    nice review
  11. damnawivdaplan

    New GT Owner

    very nice congrats
  12. damnawivdaplan

    "Leggy" 59k MC Stradale on Collecting Cars

    is there not auction fees on top of that final price?
  13. damnawivdaplan

    "Leggy" 59k MC Stradale on Collecting Cars

    had front pads changed recently when I enquired
  14. damnawivdaplan

    COLLECTING first Maserati.....

    congratulations lovely looking car wish you many miles of trouble free motoring
  15. damnawivdaplan

    New QP owner! Very Excited

    yeah that's lovely mate congratulations hope you enjoy trouble free motoring
  16. damnawivdaplan

    Granturismo S - MCShift

    mate you have covered everything tbh. just been unlucky at the time of sale hopefully when the summer weather comes around it hopefully will go
  17. damnawivdaplan

    Grancabrio registration plate sizes

    can get away with smaller slightly as long as the spacing and letter size are unchanged.
  18. damnawivdaplan

    WTB : Granturismo S, sub 40k miles, blu with tan / avorio

    congratulations glad you found the right car, worth the wait