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  1. outrun

    MC20 no likey

    I posted on his video, I really don't agree with a lot of what he's saying. The GT mode made the car I drove tame like a Honda and wasn't at all crashy. Of course, we all like different things, but given the weight of different opinion to James' from other journalists and road testers - and my...
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    My sister has lived in Berlin for nearly 30 years, I go there 5 or 6 times a year. The best restaurant, which you must book, is Also, try an go to Burger Meister in Kruezberg at Skalitzer Strasse. Head to Hackersmarkt, go down the lanes behind the main buildings...
  3. outrun

    MC20 Cielo review

    I made a reply on that PH post. The carbon is very expensive but actually no more so than the competiiton from Ferrari, Lambo, McLaren etc. The average Ferrari these days has over £40k of options so it's no surprise to see them option up a press car. Of course PH is full of dreamers and...
  4. outrun

    The road to ruin: Le Mans 2023

    That's a load of Martini. I hope it doesn't fall into a hole like it's owner...
  5. outrun

    Quattroporte Vs Listed For Sale

    They aren't ruinous to run, it's just about perspective. Buying a QPV for 10k to 20k is only the start, what you bought was a 100k Italian thoroughbred saloon which will always have the maintenance of a 100k Italian car. The issue is when a high mileage car goes into the hands of owners who...
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    Low miles E39

    But he's saving your life by taxing you, show some appreciation.
  7. outrun

    Low miles E39

    @Kincath This is up Graham's street. Suggest sending him a Pm with more details. They are not easy sells with the small engine and non M-Sport but still a cool car for the right person.
  8. outrun

    2005 SLK 55 to 4200 Gransport

    This is a pal's 997 engine, a very nice carrera 4s gen 1 with proper, on-time MD history and 60k miles. Just saying.
  9. outrun

    Ok, what would you go for?

    And yet you've sold every one you've ever had....
  10. outrun

    Granturismo year 4 service

    I'd be surprised if they are able to insist on a MD service, there is a thing called Block Exemption which stopped this a while back. You would likely have to ensure that scheduled maintenance is performed per the specificied service breakdown, but not that an MD performs that work. This...
  11. outrun

    The Stradale Visits The Loire Valley

    My experience of the Stradale was very similar - great suspension for a long run, much better than expected. Also the same with the Pirellis and tramlining which was much improved by a change to Michelins. The only thing different is that my car had extra luggage space on account of having no...
  12. outrun

    Ok, what would you go for?

    Hi Greg, hope you are well, happy retirement, hi to Fiona. I'd keep the GTS, you have the Cayenne and trailer, if you really need to, you could bring it down to the Central Belt for a repair. Anything else cool will also need a specialist so you've got the same issue regardless. That's what...
  13. outrun

    European Travel

    Just catching up. As usual. The FF wasn't that fast to 60, combine that with my hesitation and you have a poor performance. Where it was fast was up past 100mph where I don't think there is much that would keep up. The clever 4wd system took a wee second to really grab so I suspect the V12s...
  14. outrun

    Numberplate for Sale - T7 TER

  15. outrun

    North West meet up 15th March 2023

    Sorry I couldn't make this one, let me know when the next one is please.
  16. outrun

    Whats your daily drive , how lucky is this guy

    Classic 2.5 1998 with only 40k miles in rare Ocean Jade. Sunshine car.
  17. outrun

    Whats your daily drive , how lucky is this guy

    Our 2 daily drivers. M2 (which is mega good fun) and 530d M Sport Touring (which is for kids, dogs and bikes). The 5er is such a great family car, and our is super high spec with oyster leather, panoramic roof and so on. The M2 is a rascal. Brilliant on twisty backroads. Noisy. Slidey.
  18. outrun

    Harry’s Garage MC20 Review

    You know Specsavers now do home visits. It looks like a Lego version of a car, and that's insulting Lego.
  19. outrun

    Harry’s Garage MC20 Review

    Compared to the outgoing model, it's fantasticly hideous though. Even in your cool spec choice from the configurator. Save a fortune and buy the LCI N55 M2 original for £26-32k, like I did !!