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  1. redsonnylee

    Britain's roads!

    Where I lived in SW London it’s 20mph everywhere, the speed bumps are like mini pyramids so you have to be almost standstill to go over them. Pot holes are so bad most of the cyclists use the pavement, now I rarely use the GS unless I’m travelling outside of the M25 as I’m so worried about...
  2. redsonnylee

    Assetto Corsa Alloys

    I had Grigio Mercury on mine, black just seems to be a bit bland for me.
  3. redsonnylee

    AutoDoc experience

    So it’s not just me then, been waiting over a week on some parts to be delivered.
  4. redsonnylee

    Is it just my paranoia

    Same here in SW London
  5. redsonnylee

    Dashboard Light “P” after battery swap

    All done & yes this was the cause, thanks again.
  6. redsonnylee

    Dashboard Light “P” after battery swap

    Thanks buddy, don’t laugh but it’s been so long since I used it I couldn’t remember what switch was for what & started to play around as I couldn’t find the headlight switch. I’ll check this when I get home & post an update.
  7. redsonnylee

    Dashboard Light “P” after battery swap

    Does any one recognise this dashboard light after a battery swap. The GS battery was toast after being away & with the ctek connected. Did the usual checks before swapping the battery to a new one. I connected up the new battery & did nothing else. Following morning I switch on the isolator...
  8. redsonnylee

    Brooklands Auto Italia 29th April

    If you are a member then you don’t have to pay the full price. I think my surcharge this year will be about £7.50.
  9. redsonnylee

    Brooklands Auto Italia 29th April

    Dem Matt Zep makeshiftUK Scaf AlanSurrey Mazaman_3200 C4sman Burf22 Rockits Newton Redsonnylee
  10. redsonnylee

    Brooklands Auto Italia 29th April

    I’m a member and this is my local so I’ll be there too in the GS.
  11. redsonnylee

    Reading error codes on an early 3200GT

    I believe you will still need the Unidiag files for non obd2 compatibility.
  12. redsonnylee

    Happy New Year Folks!

    A very Happy New Year to everyone, best wishes for 2023.
  13. redsonnylee

    Keeping a maserati outside

    My neighbour has kept his QP outside since he bought it 12 years ago, we live 100 meters from the river Thames, the underside gets checked every year and anything dubious is treated. So far all good.
  14. redsonnylee

    who worries about putting miles on their car?

    Almost 74,000, never worried about miles in all my Maseratis. Just try to get out as much as I can weather dependent.
  15. redsonnylee


    Happy Christmas to everyone, enjoy the festive holidays.
  16. redsonnylee

    ULEZ is expanding

    Interesting thread, I have the EURO cats and am not compliant. Tried to discuss with DVLA but fell on deaf ears sadly.
  17. redsonnylee

    Pension Growth last 12 months (!)

    My pot has been down 2% since the pandemic and not recovered, in 2019 I merged all of them to save on charges so it could have been worse.
  18. redsonnylee

    The Christmas tree thread

    Went up this week.
  19. redsonnylee

    ULEZ is expanding

    Mine is not ULEZ sadly
  20. redsonnylee

    Alignment - South East?

    I live in Kingston, Surrey but used WiM as previously recommended on here & was very happy with their work.