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  1. SE_123

    Gran Turismo S plastic seat control cover

    What was the tip on the heating seat?
  2. SE_123

    15% off Blackcircles

    I'll check the status - it will be a bit annoying if I drive 1hr to WIM to find out they are not there! o_O
  3. SE_123

    15% off Blackcircles

    Today only - "FLASH15" for 15% of all Michelin (inc Pilot Sport 4s) I'm booked for fitting, plus geo/alignment at WIM (Chesham) - £964.40 for tyres and fitting. Sorry to those who love a PZero...
  4. SE_123

    WTB : Granturismo S, sub 40k miles, blu with tan / avorio

    I had a similar issue when buying - all dealers would make out the car they had was a dream car which had been maintained with no expense spared etc etc... I ended up finding one which looked good, carbon pack, low mileage, apparently immaculate (according to the dealer) - I paid for a PPI to...
  5. SE_123

    GT engine oil

    Thanks - I got a litre this morning from a local shell garage (2x online price). I'll keep an eye on it until it is in for the service.
  6. SE_123

    GT engine oil

    Thanks all - much appreciated. Another job for tomorrow!
  7. SE_123

    GT engine oil

    I believe the 4.7 is a dry sump.
  8. SE_123

    GT engine oil

    I got a "check engine oil" light come on today, just as I was parking. When I got back in to drive home, the light was off. When I got home, I checked the oil level (engine off, 5 mins after 20 mins driving) - the dip stick looked low, but not concerning (pic below). Should I top-up? What...
  9. SE_123

    Washer jets… again

    My offside washer was not working last week. Turned out using a clean paint brush to poke into the hole cleared it, then lots of spraying.
  10. SE_123

    100000 Mile Levante 3.0S to buy or not to buy

    if the price is right...
  11. SE_123

    100000 Mile Levante 3.0S to buy or not to buy

    Only £500 depreciation for 4k miles - not bad!
  12. SE_123

    Merak project anyone?

    Looks a bit rough around the edges...
  13. SE_123

    100000 Mile Levante 3.0S to buy or not to buy

    The fact he's been trying to sell it for a year says a lot about what it is really worth.
  14. SE_123

    2010 Granturismo MC Shift, 40,400 miles, New clutch, tyres, discs and pads £25500

    Good luck - you have taken the £££ hit for the next lucky owner ;)
  15. SE_123

    Quick shout out for Sportsitalia

    I'm booked in for my major service in a couple months - fingers crossed no major issues!
  16. SE_123

    Joining the electric car club

    Quite interesting Telsa cut their model 3 and Y prices by ~15% today. As a result there has been an immediate drop in the used prices today, cheapest used model Y basically fell 5k overnight. Dealers with these used cars in stock would be livid (and private cash owners).
  17. SE_123

    100000 Mile Levante 3.0S to buy or not to buy

    Good luck striking a deal. I wouldn't go for it, even at 25k.
  18. SE_123

    Harry’s Garage MC20 Review

    At least he was not driving it on p-zero tyres :)
  19. SE_123

    Changing battery

    I believe the recommended battery is "S5 013 Bosch S5 Heavy Duty". Price is £100 - £135 and a 5 year warranty. Keep it healthy on the trickle charger if not being used much. Once a battery goes low it is permanently damaged, so best to keep it topped up for longevity and reliability.
  20. SE_123

    Newbie looking for a MC Stradale

    Usual advise - Talk to Richard Grace. Personally I do not really see the point of the 2 seat strads. The car is of a size and design which makes sense to have 4 seats. Good luck