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  1. Evo Cymru

    I just bought a 2017 4C

    Bloody ****! I bet that is lively!
  2. Evo Cymru

    Repair our AC Compressors saving ££££

    Another shout out for Compressor Express after I saw them mentioned on here - was looking for a replacement for another car which MD wanted £1600 for - managed to source one from CE for £400. Arrived quickly and has been working fine.
  3. Evo Cymru

    Larini back boxes and X pipe for Gransport please!

    I had my GS done a few years ago - think the vids are on his site/you tube still? Nicely polished up and releases a bit more volume but still gives you the non sport quiet option when needed.
  4. Evo Cymru

    2006 Gransport

    Cheers fella! Well she was collected yesterday so the new journey begins but will still lurk on here and will probably return at some point.... Hopefully the new owner will appear on here as I mentioned the site and how useful it can be (and diverting!) Must say, probably the saddest I have been...
  5. Evo Cymru

    2006 Gransport

    Sadly sold!
  6. Evo Cymru

    2006 Gransport

    Thread resurrection - well it is Easter! Still for sale but price reduced to £18000 as a new project has arrived and seems to be taking up all my time!?! All fluids, filters etc changed so ready to go for the summer. Will put a new MOT on it in the next few weeks prior to any sale. Is going...
  7. Evo Cymru

    Joining the electric car club

    Indeed wife is just coming to end of leasing one one for past 3 years. All in all very pleased with it - can be blown about a bit on the motorways and apparently bushes can be a bit rubbish (recycled rubber?) Tyres can pick up a lot of punctures and tyres are expensive (fortunately they were in...
  8. Evo Cymru

    So here you go, I'm looking for a gallardo

    I looked at one last year - you might find headroom tight on the coupes, I'm only 5'10 but didn't have much extra. Lift is something you will miss if you don't get it with speed bumps. Echo comments on the pre-LP. Parts prices I thought similar to Maserati - in fact often cheaper than Audi (R8...
  9. Evo Cymru

    Anyone interested in my 2005 Gransport?

    Could be worth selling off the extra bits before you sell? I’ll take the DBW stuff!!
  10. Evo Cymru

    'Alternator failure' warning but alternator producing 14v.

    Think torque settings for the inlet manifold are 10Nm and ignition coils were the same. Wiring cover bolts 8Nm with some loctite 242. I think I recall Aldus Voice suggesting replacing the knock sensors while you are in there - not hideous money (by Maserati standards anyway!)
  11. Evo Cymru

    Gransport brake upgrade

    Recall the rears needed a different fitting or length? Just make sure they are the correct ones - there was a thread on here about them many years ago....
  12. Evo Cymru

    High flow air filters

    Thanks - really useful!
  13. Evo Cymru

    Eurospares Sales?

    Cheers - will try Meridian to see what they can do and phone before I place an order if I go with Eurospares… Wow using a phone to actually talk to someone - must try and recall how you do that!
  14. Evo Cymru

    Eurospares Sales?

    Do they ever have one on? Need a few fairly expensive bits so just wondered if it was worth waiting till Jan??
  15. Evo Cymru

    High flow air filters

    Sounds a good idea - do you have a photo of the setup for a bit of a visual guide at all?
  16. Evo Cymru

    Something is very wrong here, You decide

    Sad that an independent is possibly not being as honest as possible, have heard of lots of main dealers trying it on but usually independents are a bit better than that…. Bit short sighted really when the community of Italian car enthusiasts is so small as well…
  17. Evo Cymru

    Why the 50,000 miles+ worry?

    Still a huge amount of car for the money!
  18. Evo Cymru

    Anyone interested in my 2005 Gransport?

    GLWS! Think I will be keeping mine at those sort of prices! Sorry should add that is an absolute bargain! So much car for that money….
  19. Evo Cymru

    Review of the new Ceika Motorports coilovers for the Maserati 4200

    This is tempting! Tim/Twinspark - is this worth the upgrade? Big difference?? Where are you guys based - would it be possible to have a passenger ride to feel the difference please?? Oh hold on I’m supposed to be selling mine……!!