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  1. Ewan

    The good morning thread

    On the train to Northamptonshire to collect my new 911. Expecting a fun drive home this afternoon.
  2. Ewan

    New F1 season - 2022

    Thinking of Alpine (and I’ve not bothered to check back in the thread), I think I predicted a 4th place finish. Do I win a prize?
  3. Ewan

    Terrible Jokes Thread

    We have a friend (Abs) who’s birthday is Dec 25th. Hence putting this up when she came round for Christmas a few years ago:
  4. Ewan

    When should we stop buying new cars?

    Not necessarily. And it depends what you mean by "cash". If you mean physical notes, most main dealers wouldn't even want it. It's a hassle to take and pay in, then there's the money laundering checks, etc. Cash like that is fine if you are spending just a few grand at a back street trader, but...
  5. Ewan

    Pic of the day

    Ha! I have one for my QP. It’s considerably more trust worthy than the gas struts!
  6. Ewan

    When should we stop buying new cars?

    I’ve mentioned it on here before, but 4 years ago I bought a new Volvo estate. As a cash deal, it was £50k. But if I had it on Volvo 0% Finance over 4 years, I could have an extra £5k off. Utter madness. So obviously I cancelled the idea of paying up front and accepted their finance offer. So...
  7. Ewan

    Another new MC20

    Last week I discovered a pal of mine recently took delivery of an MC20 in this same stunning colour. I’ll have him check these screws on his. I’ve not seen the car yet, but will hopefully meet up with him before Christmas.
  8. Ewan

    Maseratis - Spotted

    Way smaller! An Outlaw, which I’ve bought for my youngest daughter to learn in whilst we’re out in Mallorca. Should be quite a fun little toy.
  9. Ewan

    Granturismo mc shift

    The waiting list on even the most basic 911 variant is well over a year now, according to my local dealer. About the only one you can obtain quicker is the new 911 T (which sits between the standard Carrera and the S), and that's simply because the factory pre-allocated a specific number of...
  10. Ewan

    Quattroporte 2009 M139 front shock absorber

    And it’s best not to replace just one. You need to do this in axel pairs.
  11. Ewan

    What you drinking now?

    Last week, in Mallorca:
  12. Ewan

    Maseratis - Spotted

    I’ve just acquired an old Sunseeker for a resto-mod project (which is now as popular in the boating World as it is in the car fraternity). It’ll certainly be getting copper-bottomed!
  13. Ewan

    Maseratis - Spotted

    As a Dorset man, I’ve always been a Sunseeker fan. A Maserati for the road and a Sunseeker for the sea - a perfect combination.
  14. Ewan

    Biturbos/number cars/Ghibli IIs for sale

    The 2.0 lt. engine is the one to have, in either 306 or 330 bhp guise. I've had a 2.0 lt. GT, two 2.0 lt. Cups, and a 2.8 GT (though admittedly, the 2.8 was an auto, so perhaps not a totally fair comparison). All good fun though, in their own ways.
  15. Ewan

    Pic of the day

  16. Ewan

    Maseratis - Spotted

    That’s great news, as not only is it near me, but the owner/boss of the Hendy Group is a good mate of mine and a lovely chap. Plus it’s a proper sized business, with multiple franchises and an annual turnover of north of a Billion.
  17. Ewan

    PZAS (P-zero appreciation society)

    I'm with you Mowlas. It's a club of two!
  18. Ewan

    What are the age groups of owners on here??

    I bought my first Maserati when in my late twenties, and am now on Maserati number 21 in my mid fifties. So this works out as buying a Maserati approximately every 14 months or so for the last 26 years.
  19. Ewan

    Two Seat Stradale

    Ha! Indeed. I can't now recall which complimentary word I used, but certainly not something that warranted being redacted!
  20. Ewan

    Two Seat Stradale

    Good idea. And with winter fast upon us, tax hikes, etc, I’m sure they’ll be keen to sell it. Fingers crossed you can keep your cool, negotiate hard over a few days and then pick up a ******* at an advantageous price. Given it had an expensive main dealer service a year ago, has done virtually...