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    Which anti freeze and what amount?

    I'm reading past threads and it seems a lot of GS owners in the UK use green and not orange antifreeze. My understanding is that the orange is better suited to modern engines, Inc aluminium blocks, and would be better suited for the GS. I'm hoping to do a full flush soon, and wondering which...
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    Maserati servicing in Qld

    Can any forum members recommend a service workshop between bris CBD and gold coast....Specifically Gransport if that helps?
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    Parts wrecker for 82364606

    Can anyone recommend a good wrecker I can contact for Maserati part 82364606. It's the wheel centre cap and from what I know it fits many models, including my gransports. Silver with red trident. Has someone mentioned a reputable wrecker in I can't find their details from a thread...
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    Interstate freight recommendations

    I'm looking to move a GS from Melb to Brisbane. Given the diaspora of us Mexicans into the sunshine state, some freight operators are taking this opportunity to gouge on prices. Thus far CEVA logistics have quoted almost 2k for covered transport with 110mm ground clearance, although I believe...
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    Engine control system warning light

    On starting my gs for the first time in two months, the ECS warning light has appeared. Is this of such criticality I should not drive the 40 miles to my mechanic, but tow the car instead?
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    Insurance cover and quotes

    Can anyone recommend an insurer here in Oz other than Shannons? I am starting to tire of their annual practice of continually devaluing the car, despite increasing the premiums. At a time when a) just about every car under the sun, but Maserati as well have all appreciated in value and b)...
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    Sebring at auction

    This is such a lovely thing. If only I had all the money in the world, and another spare parking spot.... 1965 Maserati Sebring Series 2 For Sale By Auction | Car and Classic
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    Damaged 3200 gt at auction

    Anyone needing to source a wide array of 3200 parts.... This 01 manual is at auction presently. Fire damaged so beware... But looks structurally sound
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    Mobile mechanic... PPI... Pewsey

    Can anyone recommend a mobile mechanic able to inspect a mid 90s porsche with a private seller in Pewsey area... For the purpose of a pre purchase inspection?
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    A light and fluffy read on classic QP
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    Mcv #1 of 180 for sale in NSW

    At $135k....quite an ambitious ask. Still.... Why not!
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    3500 vignale spyder

    Does anyone happen to know how the bidding of the red 61 3500 vignale spyder fared up in sydney just over a week ago? Normally when a car fetches an eyewatering or record price, there is no end of fanfare...
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    Suitable towing mob x 2 cars southampton

    Well that was probably the most spectacularly poorly worded thread title of all time. Can anyone recommend a good towing operator around the Southampton region? I need two cars moved to the docks, ideally this Friday. Ones in Kingsley the other in Bosham. Not exactly a straight line but...
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    Bought car at auction.. A new experience

    Being a bit late at night in Aus and probably one too many of the Diplomatico Reservas under my belt, i bid on a car at auction there in the UK.. And subsequently won the bid. So nothing new about this so far... My bid.....was just below estimates of 18 to 22k, but it turns out also below...
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    Very cheap F456

    I know... Cheap for a reason.... But this seems very cheap for a reason.
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    Register of gs spyders

    Given the sudden spate of GS Spyders for sale on carandclassic... I thought I'd spend a few hours putting together the beginnings of a register of the supposedly 44 RHD gransport spyders. I've lost some formatting and possibly content with this screen dump... But any assistance anyone can offer...
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    Stradale wrecking

    Ok... So its the other side of the world.... But you'll probably still click the link anyway...
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    Gransport spyder roof replacement

    Does anyone know of or can recommend a supplier for soft top replacement for a GS Spyder? Presume this will be from the US...
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    Post covid hibernation fail

    Cracking day... Thought I'd take the GS out for a spot of post covid fresh air... When she decided she didn't really need a left rear shoe. 2 hours from home and spent the rest of the arvo in a taxi following this lump home. Could have been worse i suppose.... Maybe next week I'll just...
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    Cost of shipping car from Oz to UK

    Do any forum members have recent experience in shipping vehicles from Australia to UK? If so, would you mind letting me know the approximate shipping and handling costs (either for RORO or containerised shipping).