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    Hitting the rev limiter in an MC Shift manual mode

    You were always going to lose that one though ;)
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    Hitting the rev limiter in an MC Shift manual mode

    I’ve not heard of that and had no issues with hitting the Rev limiter in normal driving. Was it a particularly big bump? If you were full bore, approaching the limiter and it skipped and lifted the wheels from the ground you might have had a momentary over rev which has given you alternator...
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    Midlands specialist

    CL have moved from Bedford and although they still do some Italians this isn’t their focus since Ed moved on.
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    Power output at high revs

    That’s great news. Sounds like you have dodged a bullet on the bits of cat making their way back into the engine.
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    Gransport exhaust options - some before and afters....

    As mentioned before, all coupes have an x pipe as standard, the difference with the upgrade is that the resonator is not fitted. Here is a visual aid STD Factory Centre Section (X Upgrade There are benefits from both types, as deletion of the resonator reduces back pressure. X-pipes tend...
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    Immobilser advice

    I agree with Catman, there is something else at play here. If it were a immo or tracker issue you wouldn’t get a start at all.
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    Lambo Doors

    I was sceptical, but based on the vid, if you are of a certain size and like opening doors very slowly and deliberately this could well be a useful product. It only opens a bit before he flips it up, so it could also be useful for those tight parking spaces I never put my car in.
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    Midlands specialist

    Welcome. I am in Northampton as are quite a few of us. Several of us work together to get our cars down to SportsItalia in Southampton, lifts to and from etc and there is no reason why you can’t tag into that. Apart from that Shiltech are in Loughborough and Migliore in Birmingham, although we...
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    Savings Interest Rates Getting Worse

    I rent a couple of houses out, they have their moments but are mostly hassle free. Overall they turn a tidy profit and seem like a pretty safe place for money.
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    Are you worried yet.

    Admittedly, he probably had more experience taking them off. I doubt he hands around long enough to see it put back on.
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    Are you worried yet.

    I imagine Boris is already very familiar with this device!
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    Road Trip to Italy

    What a brilliant name for a hotel. But don’t be too detailed in your report :p
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    Links not working

    I used to have this issue but then it stopped. It might well be that the ad has been shared from the app and it isn’t being recognised. Or your device is blocking the redirect to the app.
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    Next step:

    I am pretty sure I explained the terms of my “back of the car” guarantee on Sunday. And I know you can’t see it from there :lol2:
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    Next step:

    Cheeky git! :hammer: