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    Can of worms = Open

    Feck that is some upgrade, love the RS Avants but hear lots of horror stories about maintenance, access is difficult and engine out is not unusual
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    Pic of the day

    Not totally, SZ clocked 58k on the journey through Wales so now totally worthless
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    The good morning thread

    Morning all last step of journey home ferry to Dublin and then 14 days isolation apparently - heh ho
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    The good morning thread

    Morning all lovely drive up through Wales yesterday and beer with mate, this morning drop off the SZ and start the return journey with the in-laws - should be fun
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    So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

    As above stay around you don't need a Maser to be on here. Car wise and I never thought I would say this, BMW 6 pot is the way to go. My ageing 3 Series ticks all the boxes but a bit long in the tooth but my mate came over the other week in an E60 530d, 2007 with 60k miles and he only paid...
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    The good morning thread

    Morning all, last working day this week so best get on
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    Maserati Bora For Sale.

    Takes me back to my Top Trump days, I will check the 2600 Spider out, pretty sure its in my records some where
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    Very cheap F456

    If the sale is completed then sub £25k for a V12 Ferrari seems good value, central locking and zircon might need attention but they are not showstoppers to enjoyment. These low end cars always need brave souls to survive so hopefully this will be the case.
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    The good morning thread

    Morning all just another manic Monday made worse because this is only a 2 day work week for me
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    F1 Qualifying.

    Great track and that first corner is a bit do or die but love it, there is something about these less sterile tracks that make for great races - more to come I think with Portimao and Imola still to come
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    The good morning thread

    Morning all, a few little jobs but mainly the Tuscan GP, what a great circuit Mugello is but I suspect after watching F2 & F3 yesterday there is only one place to overtake but it looks a big DRS zone so might be interesting
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    Finally got my corona virus project

    Had two 166 3.0 a silver manual with high mileage and then a low mileage Nuvola Blue Auto, surprisingly the auto suited it really well and the colour was to die for The only 3.2 they made was the Ti manual all facelift V6 autos were 3.0, I have been tracking down a 3.2 To and have one on my radar
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    Finally got my corona virus project

    Looks good the one on the SZ is starting to look a bit worse for wear, might be worth a shout
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    Must admit steer away from the place as best I can and wouldn't think about driving there
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    No more V8 for Maserati - is it true?

    Writing has been on the wall for some time, I suspect others will be following even the might dancing donkey as Benny calls them