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    Granturismo purchase advice for a newbie

    How can that QP5 DS be in 6th gear with no driver? Agree by the way, replace Audi-like with Chrysler-like tho...
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    QPV GTS - Rear Parcel Speakers Recommendation?

    QP5 audio sounds great to me, but then again I'm a punk at heart, loud is all that matters. My previous car (Caddy CTS) had a Bose system too, not as good as the QP's tho and when that was on loud the rear view mirror used to shake, cos it was o poorly build. QP's is rock solid even during The...
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    Granturismo purchase advice for a newbie

    ..and the aqueduct? So apart from that, and viniculture, peace, and public order - what has Sports Maserati ever done for us?
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    QP 3

    QP3 is massive, how is rebodied into a smaller car without totally destroying it?
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    What ya listening to now ???

    Well, I read a book about Operation Ore, whilst it's hard to know what the exact truth is, certainly no images found in his possession or on computer, though he did admit to accessing these dodgy site to prove British banks where allowing it. I don't know, I tend to sit on Townshend's side on...
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    What ya listening to now ???

    Going the see the Who at 3 Arena Dubs, have a spate if anyone interested... Was watching this and and I know they are all in their 70's and only two left, plus Townsend's err, alleged... You are forgiven, cos this is pure gold...
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    QP 3

    Good call but running the current QP seems to be the cheapest option despite the motor tax and insurance.
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    QP has arrived!

    Odd cos I thought the heated seats had perforated leather...
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    Tyres (don't shoot me)

    I can't find 245/40/19 PS4S's for QP5 fronts on F1 Autocentre site, only have PS4. As I already have a new PS4S on the front (had a puncture 300 miles ago) I don't want to mis-match.
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    Rear Discs

    Need a pair, asked before but lost track and the then deals have gone, any leads? They're vented and cross-drilled, one is ok, the other on the limit, I should replace the pair....
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    Caroline Flack RIP

    Not quite the same but when I was clinically depressed 2000 I feared death, feared the end of my life and oblivion. So I hated life, but didn't want no life. Thinking about it with hindsight it was probably an marker for a desire for change. My 25 year old son is experiencing the same but he's...
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    QP has arrived!

    Do you have the non-heated seats? (like me, poverty-spec!)
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    Hair Transplant/Regrowth Clinics

    Glenn Bulb!
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    Got an X pipe on order.

    You sure it's not a Crack-Pipe to ordered?!
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    Swapping Number Plates

    For me it's the M50 and Dublin Port tunnel tagger, my goal is the defraud the the Irish Revenue Commissioners of VRT and Motor Tax, since I'm here nearly a year this contract and I must due a pull. Never been stopped actually in around two years of driving the Maser in the State of a three year...