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    First Italian Car?

    My son, at 16, opted for a manual Fiat 500 and absolutely adores it. Practical, efficient, yet sufficiently engaging to drive. ——-\|/——- 2004 CC “Siluro” the Italian Torpedo 2011 Audi A4 “mafia mobile”
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    Selecting Neutral in Gransport to save clutch when stopped in traffic?

    The whole point of setting the Point of Initial Slip (PIS) on the F1 clutch is to ensure there is no clutch engagement when idling. As RPMs rise, the F1 engages the clutch. So shifting to neutral at lights or in traffic yields no gain. It does, however, delay any response you have that involves...
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    Which tires should I buy for my 4200?

    This spring, I changed over from Falkens to Continentals - details below. Then took her to the track, and the difference was extraordinary! Fantastic tires on dry and wet roads, but they aren't winter rated, so probably poor in winter driving.
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    Formula dynamics I think

    Yes, the shift improvement is important. Well, for those of us who would rather not change out our clutch as often. The DBW, as far as I can tell, tells the TCU to shift as if the car was at higher throttle demand, resulting in a firmer shift. Less time spent partially engaged. This...
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    4200 Aftermarket Wheels - Ideas and Opinions?

    Gorgeous wheels. The curves of the wheel go well with the smooth curves of the Spyder. Anyone know what these wheels are? I’d love to research them further, but my German is a little more than rusty, so I can’t tell if the wheels are described in this post. ——-\|/——- 2004 CC “Siluro” the...
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    Formula dynamics I think

    Yep, that confirms it. This car has only the DBW installed. Which is excellent! Saves you the labor of the harness work if/when you decide to get one. I strongly recommend it, to get the advantage of firmer shifts that save clutch life and improve sport driving. ——-\|/——- 2004 CC “Siluro”...
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    Formula dynamics I think

    That would make sense as the DBW is one of the first mods people do to these cars. ——-\|/——- 2004 CC “Siluro” the Italian Torpedo 2011 Audi A4 “mafia mobile”
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    Formula dynamics I think

    Having just finished both a FD ECM and DBW install, I can help a bit with sorting out the wiring and options. The FD harness does indeed handle both the ECM and DBW modules all in one harness. Follow the harness to make sure all wires are soldered in - it is possible to only solder in the ones...
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    4200 Dyno Run

    Huge difference in handling. Plus, replacing the sway bars also meant replacing the bushings, which were getting a little old already. Sway bar replacement is a little labor intensive on a Coupe’, but seriously improved cornering in every type of turn on the twisty track I go to. The car just...
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    4200 Dyno Run

    Yes and yes! For the suspension, both front and rear sway bars from Formula Dynamics, as well as wheel spacers. I put them all on at the same time, so I can't attest to any differences specific to the wheel spacers... but they sure do look good. No change to the Skyhook. 200 miles is a lot...
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    4200 Dyno Run

    Track day today. Experimented by using the racing fuel at the track. No difference whatsoever even after hours of consecutive laps. Logged about 200 plus track miles. So I don’t think the computer will advance the timing past a certain point corresponding to about 93 octane (US) but will retard...
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    4200 Dyno Run

    Quite the thread there! Hadn’t spotted it earlier due being a non English speaker. You know… an American. Had never heard a dynamometer referred to as a rolling road. There you go again, calling it precisely what it is. Surprised at the multiple results over 400whp for a 390bhp engine. Is it...
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    4200 Dyno Run

    Having spent quite a bit of capital outlay as well as sweat equity getting my little black Coupe sorted, my OCD engineering side yearned for numerical proof that it was all worthwhile. Track days have given quite a bit of evidence of how far she has come from the mess she was when purchased two...
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    Springtime 4200 Upgrades

    One more unplanned upgrade courtesy of an unexpected work bonus: FD ECM upgrade. Just received, soldering it in tonight if I can duck out of house chores and such. Too bad the weather turned sour or I’d be out at midnight “testing”! And. FIFTY, I’ve got the later version of Skyhook ECU, so not...
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    Astons Leccy sports cars

    Technology has already developed significantly. On my track days there’s always an electric in the group, and they hang with us petrol burners for several hours. There’s a “Supercharger” station nearby so they can rapidly recharge and get back in the fight. Watch closely as more and more races...