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    Northern drive and dine meet

    Most of the gazebos and marquees blew away in the last couple of days. If i arranged it now pubs would be open outside subject to weather conditions.
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    Northern drive and dine meet

    After chatting with outrun over the last few weeks I am just putting this out there to gauge interest in a northern meet up. Open to all but targeted for the Stoke area upwards and Scotland downwards folk. Loose plan is as follows : The Scottish contingent if any want to attend @outrun will...
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    Front suspension help needed

    According to the parts list that front frame assembly was only fitted to the 2003 to 2007 Auto QP. So unless yours is an auto QP within that time frame the screw fitting your looking at will not fit.
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    The good morning thread

    Take the buggy and dress for snow :D Enjoy Andy. Hopefully the weather is kind for you.
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    How odd is this

    Are the fitting studs on the back of it or has the glue broken down and come away from the studded bar it attaches too. If the cracks are just in the clear coat finish then a local body shop should be able to sand it back and re laquer the carbon fibre for you. You will just need to bond it...
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    Forum Spammers

    Spam fritters are still sold at most chip shops across Lancashire. Its also on most of the cafe / breakfast place menus as either part of a cooked breakfast or a sandwich / roll / barm / oven bottom. On average i have spam once every couple of months at the moment.
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    The Best of YouTube..... or other video sites..

    The blonde lady at around 38 seconds in just walks straight across the puddle behind them. The ones using the make shift chair bridge must be snow flakes and fear melting. ;)
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    Is Maserati Ghibli a Supercar

    They could be super cars but not supercars. Alfa 159, MX5, S2000, Peugeot 205 etc are all super cars but not supercars. :D
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    This Hurt

    Exactly. Hence the rest of my post regarding commital until she has received the help she desperately needs.
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    This Hurt

    I think we all understand that the lady clearly needs intensive professional help as a matter of urgency. CPS not wanting to prosecute due to the ongoing mental health issues is one thing but on the grounds of this being her 3rd attempt to kill herself and others in the process something has...
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    4200 Handbrake Shoes

    I think @2b1ask1 fitted them. The same but ever so slightly thicker but not enough to make a difference. Iirc they are something like half a millimeter thicker.
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    Alternative parts, what everyone needs to know...

    Alfa 166 ones are the same part but i think the middle two are slightly larger than the outside ones on the maserati dash.
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    Free lateral flow tests for those with no symptoms

    I think they may need to change the wording slightly on the website. Oh eer mrs ! ;)
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    Diagnosing the F1 System

    Probably best to start a new thread on that subject along with the car details. Which always helps. The alarm pairing and car pairing for example on a 4200 are two different things.
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    Diagnosing the F1 System

    The new clutch should have been measured when installed to get the new clutch closed position as every clutch will vary slightly. It will vary between 18.4xx and as an approximate guide. Most of the cars i have seen have been around the 18.95 area.