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    Fleet addition

    He could have done if he had invested in Bitcoin.. ;)
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    Shares to watch rises and falls by the hour and considerably so but if Musk has put $1.5bn into Bitcoin then maybe he's on to something which may just be going places....up. :mock8:
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    Shares to watch

    An interesting read... An article from someone I read on a daily basis...this one on bitcoin, of which he is definitely an expert: "Bitcoin’s price explosion has the industry asking key questions… "Bitcoin’s price has exploded over 400% since early October – quintupling in less than five...
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    Shares to watch

    Well my brother is now sitting pretty so what a punt! Good on him for having the balls to have a go 4 years ago. ( PS But he was the FD for a big Bank in the City for a while so his background may have helped). ;)
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    Shares to watch

    Well my brother took a punt on Bitcoin in 2017 and invested £20k and bought 7 Bitcoins. At today's price they are now worth £274k!! I asked him are you going to cash them in to which he said, "no this is a 10 year investment". Jesus, I would have taken the money now...However, some pundits are...
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    Are you worried yet.

    Same here. We've been taking 3000iu's daily since March 2020 after a chap called Dr John Campbell (on Youtube) was waxing lyrical about how important it is for the immune system. I mentioned it to my GP last week and he said that very few people living in the Northern Hemisphere get sufficient...
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    The joys of getting on a bit...

    Go grey disgracefully....none of that American business man chestnut brown stuff. :saifi:
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    Pic of the day

    My older brother had this very same car in the mid 70's. One time he forgot that he had left the drivers door open when reversing from a space next to a lampost. He managed to rip the drivers door off its hinges and completely crumple the wing. It was his first company his boss wasn't...
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    Pic of the day

    My Dads only ever new car was a Roman Bronze Ford Capri 1.6GL(reg PBH853R)1977 ish?...thought it was the dogs b-------s. My brother bought it off him after 3 years, think it lasted a total of 6 years before it literally fell apart with rust.....happy days. Oh yes and he had a brown polyester...
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    Domestic safe

    Get yourself a 'Ring'Camera system or similar. You can buy a whole system for around £800 which is probably a similar price to a decent safe. The external cameras can also come with spot lights and sirens for a bit more money. All linked to your smart phone and recorded on a cloud server.
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    Brexit Deal

    Yep I think I came across something like this. I think Jaeger ( now owned by M&S) get all their gear made in Portugal. Portugal and Italy were the best places to get suits made back in the 80's.
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    Brexit Deal a point. Many Italian clothes are made in Italy by imported Chinese workers. At the start of the pandemic in Northern Italy there were c 20k Chinese workers living in and around Turin, the majority working in the clothing industry.
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    Brexit Deal

    Dont need to...just buy Australian, New Zealand and South African wine.
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    Are you worried yet.'re right. I checked with the GP today when having some blood tests and she said it was OK to.
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    The good morning thread

    Been out walking the dog this morning..reasonable amount of snow up here.