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    Alternative parts, what everyone needs to know...

    Has anyone got experience of these air filters @ $20 PG Air Filter PA99300...
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    Vee Power Sunday Goodwood - March 1st

    Just received my circuit pass for the GT
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    Vee Power Sunday Goodwood - March 1st

    I requested a place - didn't hear anything yet!
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    GT Straight Through Rear Pipes

    I had a custom X-Pipe made and fitted for £250 at a custom exhaust place - took them half a day to do everything
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    Admiral Multi car insurance renewal

    I concluded it was cheaper to keep my 20+ yrs NCB on my daily and then Adrian Flux matched it on the GT for £475 @ 6000 miles a year which is just enough for me. I also have an MGB GT with them for £80! They have quite a refreshing attitude - even said 'well you can only drive one at a time!'...
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    Savings Interest Rates Getting Worse

    I may get slammed for this but..... I was brought up to not buy something until I had the money - how quaint these days! However, when I was in my late 20's after being made redundant twice I was looking at buying a share in a business and went to an Actuary for some advice - now this guy...
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    OBD Scan tool?

    I have the ODB Star too and it defo works on a 2008 GT - if you are near Wokingham I'm happy to let you try it
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    Sending money to the US

    Transferwise is quick and reliable
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    45p a mile & in profit!

    I think the 50 limit on the M4 helped! Also fun to arrive in a sub £20k GT with my colleagues turning up in their £40k+ PCP boxes and calling me a flash b****
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    45p a mile & in profit!

    This made me chuckle on my business trip today!! We'll ignore wear/tear/insurance/road tax obviously :)
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    SM Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

    Hi, I'm thinking about this but have a 2008 GT which does not have the Aux/USB in the glovebox. Do I need that doing first (including Dealer SW Update)?? Or will this work without it? Thanks
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    Bought a GranTurismo today - 1st strange question!

    Thanks all, more investigation reveals that it's an aftermarket Bluetooth adapter.....and it works!! Also, the first button has been replaced next to the steering wheel, see pic. I don't know what it does other making a beeping noise when you press it!! Don't have the manual Cheers.
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    Bought a GranTurismo today - 1st strange question!

    Hi, just bought a 2008 GranTurismo today - already done 200 miles and loving it! Something odd though, where the cigarette lighter should be, next to the ash tray is a button with a phone symbol on it - does anyone know what this is ?! Wanted to charge my mobile and can't! Thanks,