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    Clayed GTS

    I decided to give my GT-Sport a clay today with a Clay towel for the first time. I've owned the towel for about 5 years lol, but never unwrapped it as I've always used a bar. (never on the GT though) I must admit, although not quite as good as a bar, the ease of use makes it so worth it and I'm...
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    SM's very own cat thread....

    This is our family beast. Not weighed him for a while, but last time he weighed a stone! Regularly drags rabbits through the cat flap.
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    Scuttle Slosh

    I assume they're suggesting that if the scuttle drain is blocked, it then fills up and over flows to other places that aren't designed to take water, so have no drains.
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    Hope for ICE?

    Good article
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    Gran Turismo S - Oval and Quad Exhausts

    It does get a little confusing, but if I remember right.... 4.7 early cars - Oval pipes = MC-shift . Valves open when Sport button is pressed. Quad pipes =Auto. Valves open only when Sport is pressed and revs are over around 3.5k rpm (unless its an MC Auto then acts as MC_shift above)...
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    Hope for ICE?

    I like the sound of this as a viable option for the ICE.
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    10K in 10 years

    I must try harder.
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    Are you worried yet.

    Mine too. Nice to get a freebie for a change lol Also, I'm currently on a 3 week night shift rotation where I don't see any daylight for 22 days straight, so a boost probably needed.
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    Can of worms closed.

    Lovely car Catman. Well done! I think we all new deep down from your early search posts it would be one of these, but good to see you held out for the right one. Be interesting to see how the costs progress.
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    Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio - who owns one and is it epic?

    Its funny how far apart peoples opinions can be about cars, even though an appreciation for Maserati is obviously shared. To me, an QF is not exotic and no where near a Ferrari , :oops: I'm not saying its not a very cool car and I imagine it'd be an absolutely awesome drive, but just a...
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    Anyone had the jab yet?

    Yep. Had it just over a week ago. As per No ill effects at all. Slight ache for a day. I must admit although taking all the same precautions as I did before, I definitely feel more relaxed about the whole...
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    Jacking up a Gran Cabrio - best place to put the trolley jack?

    Assuming it's the same under there as a GranTurismo, If you look inboard of the marked jacking points on the sills, you will see a hole in the underbody (about 3/4" diameter) That is where you put the trolley jack pads. I've done it many times and its solid.
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    Are you worried yet.

    Which one did you have? So far, just achy legs the day after for me, but since all the whisky I've felt great :D
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    Are you worried yet.

    Happy to say I had my first cv19 vaccination on Friday (AZ Oxford). All went well. Being in the "clinically extremely vulnerable" category I have been a sheilder for the most part. However, after 10mths I decided I needed to get back to work and have some normality, so have been going back...
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    New Shinies

    That's great cheers. It's usually one of my favourite mods on any car along with a good fluid (Motul RBF600) and ferodo ds2500 pads. Transforms the feel of the brakes. I'll add them to my 'want' list.