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    Wanted: Grancabrio Sport

    Richard Grace would be my first call.
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    GS prices

    Now off AT... Sold?.
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    Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio - who owns one and is it epic?

    Nice to see a car park that has spaces that fit a car rather than a shopping trolly.
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    Northern drive and dine meet

    Will be there for the first 2 weeks of Sept... Will wave if we see you on the way up as you head home.
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    Pic of the day

    Have you any fish left?
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    The good morning thread

    Not thought about spray painting it Phil?... thats a lot of wall!
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    Jenny Agutter's Page.

    Thought she was dead... hence the tribute page on here!
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    New owner from Cape Town

    Lovely looking QP. Welcome.
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    GS prices

    Yes, such a poor advert, its an LE car with full leather and not one MOT fail. I know it could need some work such as a clutch, cam gaskets etc, but it does seemed cheap... or it makes most 4200 look expensive. Wonder if its a WBAC informed sale?
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    GS prices

    Think they are turning the corner again now. This one, however looks like a 'bargain' if reasonable, and far better than the one commented on recently...
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    SM Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

    Don't worry... you will soon have it apart again trying to find that sodding rattle at 70mph.
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    Stradale Centennial

    Don't blame you... I was so tempted myself but would have needed to sell the GS at top dollar.
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    3200 GT up for Auction

    Pretty much the autotrader trader price it was up for... with fees it may even be more.
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    GT front-end suspension / subframe refresh

    Now that is clean... one of the reasons I SORN Oct-May is the salt on our roads.
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    WTB: 4200 spyder manual

    Yes shorter wheelbase so shorter cables.