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    360 story and engine rebuild

    Its moments like this that is true petrol heads will look back on in video in those years ahead. Brilliant Bebs really interesting thread and the guys doing the work top draw stuff
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    Jesus that’s actually stunning
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    15years and then it’s leccy only! There’s more to it of course. But in the spirit of the conversation and all that
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    Cheap effective stereo volume booster found

    An eventful youth and nightclub speakers I’d imagine. Only is the right though, I get a medical every 2 years for work purposes and it’s been knackered as long as I can remember. Actually ended up at ENT last year and head scan for Tunitus, nothing broken, see you again sometime in the future...
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    Cheap effective stereo volume booster found

    Haha the penny drops. Uncannily basically exactly as I said !
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    Cheap effective stereo volume booster found

    It can be. Come on we all love a tune now and then. Nothing to do with my knackered right ear :confused:
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    Cheap effective stereo volume booster found

    Never did the spinal tap thing so unfortunately it’s swoosh over my head. On the to do list
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    Tyres (don't shoot me)

    fair point and noted. I couldn’t even tell you exact spec I have on mine, it’s Saturday night lol. But having owned the car for nearly 5 years I did remove the p zero’s first chance I had. I never jump on a band wagon but it’s was strange how they behave on the GT, possibly due to the weird...
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    Tyres (don't shoot me)

    As long as it’s not Pirelli, genuinely is something strange with P zero’s on this car, and that they are top end Michelin, you’ll be fine. Think I have 4s on my rears and whatever their predecessor was on the front: as for the manufacturer code, Ferrari etx, I’d say this is snake oil, happy to...
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    Cheap effective stereo volume booster found

    There’s a low and high gain setting as well but I never touched this and just used in low. To add also the radio goes much louder in my car than when I play through my phone hence this isn’t stretching the limits of the speakers, it just gets around the phone noise limit and lifts it just...
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    Cheap effective stereo volume booster found

    Haha the charger port is actually on the bottom. It’s micro usb. You get 3.5 to 3.5 MM jack lead with and then a micro usb lead but no plug but just check the specs and get a plug to suit, I already had a few. Naturally it would also charge through a car 12v socket. The reviews on Amazon are...
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    Cheap effective stereo volume booster found

    You’s might remember my distaste at the volume I could get in my GT from my iPhone due to the sh***y EU noise limit on these devices. I was even looking at buying a fairly expensive America MP3 player to get around it. well just took driver of this off amazon and all I can say is works a...
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    Granturismo MC Trofeo - Road Registered

    Unreal. Absolutely brilliant. Yorkshire drive out sometime I need to see this beast !
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    Bargain Ferrari F40

    I actually liked into this. Crazy money though, it’s big though like 50cm long. Pocher models are good
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    The music is changing

    Ah well we had a decent stint at the ICE. Got a few years left until we’re all forced by law into scale electrix cars :rolleyes: