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    Reading error codes on an early 3200GT

    Yep, believe this means: ACCEL. POTENTIOMETER INCONSIST..... Looks like a new Throttle pedal pot might be in order.
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    3200 Roose motorsport silicone boost & coolant hose kits with SS clamps: unused for sale

    Hi Graeme, I'd be interested - could you PM me your price? Thanks!
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    Throttle body 3200 P0221

    In those videos your RPM dial seems to have a slightly jerky movement - Worth double checking that it's accurate as per Davy's suggestion.
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    All Italian Breakfast Meet - Last one of the Year - Saturday 5th October, Alton, Hampshire

    Up for this, fingers crossed no reliability issues with the 3200 this time :-)
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    Wanted: 3200 Throttle Body

    Hi all, Mike @ Maserati Shed has informed me that my throttle body might be unrepairable....does anyone have a spare they would like to sell? Thank you!
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    Another nice 3200

    Without a long list of invoices, that does seem a recipe for potentially large amounts of recommissioning work...... only 4k miles in 10 years will potentially have bundled up lots of potential $$$
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    Italian Car Breakfast Meet, 6th April 2019, Alton, Hampshire

    I’ll have to drop out.... just went to move the car and I have no throttle :-( Correct voltage at pedal, so looking at a refurbished contactless throttle body. Sods Law. annoyed. Thinking the 3200 is more of a test of patience than a mode of transport. Have a good one tomorrow.
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    3200 Gt with Gransport Sideskirts

    In theory, I don't see why not - the bodyshell is fundamentally the same. From a personal perspective, the 3200 is looking better and better as time goes on..... the GranSport increasingly looks like its been driven through Halfords Circa 2003.
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    Italian Car Breakfast Meet, 6th April 2019, Alton, Hampshire

    Not sure Sainsbury's will be packed at 8:30 on a Saturday!! Ross156 seems to have everything sussed - Car park next to the Sainsbury's petrol station sounds good to me. Rich
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    Italian Car Breakfast Meet, 6th April 2019, Alton, Hampshire

    Will be with the 3200 at Sainsbury's Hedge End at 8:30 - see you there.
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    Information request - New Purchase 3200 GT - White

    As above. I believe white was never an official option..... my personal opinion, but non standard colours often look a bit naff.
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    Wanted:3200 ABS ECU

    Anyone else have one spare? David Askew appears not to be answering email. Thanks!
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    Wanted:3200 ABS ECU

    Hi all, I posted about this originally 6 months ago, but my ecu decided to play nice for a while and I forgot about trying to get hold of a new one. Does anyone have a spare abs ecu they can sell me? Thanks!!
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    Brake Discs, again!

    Please can you put me down for a full set please :-) Thanks
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    Brake Discs (Yes another thread)

    A simple question that's been bugging me for some time...... why on earth is it so difficult (i.e impossible right now) to get hold of pattern 3200\4200\GS brake discs? The discs themselves are not complex 2 piece items - simply run of the mill standard single piece construction. Surely any...