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    Window seals

    I don't know of any seal manufacturers. A friend of mine had his 3200 resprayed and both screens taken out but the windscreen cracked when being refitted , It is a problem with old cars. He was lucky windscreen are available at around a grand but I don't think rear screens are. If it were me I...
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    3200GT - Error Light on MFD

    Hi l have just checked the diagram and there are 3 sensors in the system 1/ vertical acceleration sensor ( beneath near side headlamp)2/transversal acceleration sensor(mounted on top of radiator fan housing) and 3/ the brake pressure switch that is beneath on the inner wing beneath the abs unit...
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    3200GT - Error Light on MFD

    The actuator on top of the shock absorber only turns a quarter of a turn so as long as you can turn them with your fingers they should be ok. Disconnecting items will not get ride of the error light you need a working system. I had a similar problem to you traced to a cracked actuator gear, the...
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    3200 Engine racing in Neutral & Park

    Hi Classic symptoms of throttle body problems. Do you know if it’s still original or if it’s has been converted to contactor less.? Rex B
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    MC20 Price

    It's priced a market rate and it will certainly attract fans of Maserati. On one of the blogging web sites it said they have 19,000 orders already, I suppose that is 19,000 deposits but not bad for the first day. All they need to do now is sort out the little niggle details, make sure it...
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    Maserati Classiche

    This is good news, I only hope it covers the 3200 and Bi turbo range so we can keep using these cars. Rex B
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    3200 manual or 4200 f1?

    I own a 3200 and have done many miles in the UK and EU over the last 10 years and have never had to catch a bus, but then is does not have a F1 gearbox or 4200 AC compressor. If you get a good 3200 with a good service history and a new or reconditioned throttle body then a 3200 can be as...
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    Remote Central locking faulty

    The Central locking control unit, Door control unit and Alarm control units are all interlinked and without knowing what happens inside the units its not possible for me to be 100% sure. My guess would be that the Key fob sends a signal to the locking control unit which then interfaces with the...
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    Remote Central locking faulty

    If you have replaced the key batteries and tried both keys then l would suspect the central locking ecu which according to the diagram is responsible for send a signal to the window control unit which controls the windows and doors locks. There is a 25amp fuse in the footwell fuse box which...
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    3200, no fans and running too hot

    The diagram in my manual shows the relay coils getting their supply from a 50a fuse in the engine bay fusebox and then the other side of the relay coil going to the ecu. The fans are both shown as working at the same time stage one is slow speed ( resistor in circuit) stage 2 fast speed resistor...
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    Possible new daily

    You won’t be disappointed with the Alfa nice looking car and the veloce 280hp goes really well. If you stretch do for the ti has upgraded interior 19 inch wheels and carbon trim. Rex B
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    Trofeo versions of Ghibli and QP to be launched?

    I Don’t think there is anything wrong with yearly or 12k mile service intervals on Diesels, what is wrong is the £120 plus an hour just to change the oil and filter. I have my Alfa 159 serviced every year by autolusso £ 200 for basic and £250 for premium inc vat. So l have basic 1st year and...
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    Midlands specialist

    I have heard that Christian Lewis in Bedford who do Aston Martins also work on Maserati’s and some on the forum have used them and very happy with service. Also McGraths in Kimpton are only an hour away. Rex B
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    3200- no asr/ebd/abs problems

    ASR / EBD problems really need a dealer or specialist with Maserati test equipment. If you did not have the problem before you took it off the road you could try cleaning the connections to the sensors at each wheel, also the connector to the abs ECU. Also check the phonic rings on the rear...
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    Ghibli Hybrid Coming Soon

    If it is a 2litre it will only be part of the range which will perhaps replace the Diesel. European regulations are forcing manufacturers down this path. Rex B